Wednesday :: Nov 10, 2010

Don't Mourn, Organize

by Oly Mike

Hard not to be discouraged. The Work continues.

Here's something I came across this morning. It's a little long, but what else do we have to do, but read, think and plan for the change that has to come.

The drone wars and drone warriors have to be undone.

Rule 6: Keep It Human, Put People First

Maybe that ought to be Rule 1?

Here is something from Chelsea Green

Jamie Court: 10 Rules of Populist Power

Rule 1: Forcing Opponents to Make Mistakes Is the Goal of Effective Advocacy for Change; Promoting Issues Is Not Enough

Rule 2: To Make Big Changes, Target the Little Things and a Few People

Think Paul Revere. In his bestseller The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell shows how Revere had the right connections to knock on the right revolutionary leaders’ doors, those who knew him, with his “sticky” message: “The British are coming!” Stickiness means that a message has an impact and is memorable. Another messenger who rode out in the opposite direction failed in the same charge because he wasn’t as well connected as Revere, or apparently as persuasive. The Tipping Point, a must-read for effective advocates, sums up a growing body of research that shows how big changes on social issues come down to a few decisions and a few key decision makers.

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