Saturday :: Nov 27, 2010

All Right, Mr. Van Jones, Let’s Have a Little Chat

by paradox

The very good Kossarian Eclectablog published an extremely important work concerning Van Jones last week, but it was right before Thanksgiving, not the time for the grave, gloomy fogs of defeat on consciousness. I also wanted to be very careful and intellectually respectful in my response to Mr. Jones, a great man, and equally respectful to the Daily Kos community, I’ve got some brutal things to say.

I’m not a schmuck, Mr. Jones. Were I to meet you in public I would instantly recognize you, know your full correct name, personal and political history, and never be so appallingly rude as to bring up past pain in a restroom, jesus. I was raised by a very good historian, got an excellent political science education, and am a classic news junkie. I’m not anywhere near the intellectual or educational level of my Blogfather, Black or Yglesias, nor on par with so many great minds in our community, but Daily Kos is a serious deep political place, Mr. Jones, I’m not some doofus with his dick in his hand blathering nonsense.

I serve, Mr. Jones. I served the Navy in wartime, I serve my community with a food bank garden, I serve my political science department, and I will continue to serve the online community as I have for eight years, I have been here helping everywhere from the very beginning of political blogging. Again, this is not an uncommon or distinctive record in our community at all, just a blunt fact that the community and I have earned the right for political respect. If anyone should have been fired in the last two years, Mr. Jones, it was that asshole who sneered at our deep service to duty as some tit-sucking professionalism to phony principle, not you. Ignore or disparage us if you so choose, it’s your life, I’ll still make you pay for it.

Machiavellians do that. So many for so long have so foolishly embraced our philosophy as an acceptance of evil, which it manifestly is not, it’s simply a fanatical adherence to political realism and the ruthless employment of effective tactics. It’s precisely because Obama political reality and tactics are so lousy you lost your job, Mr. Jones (so vital to us all), why the Republicans have come back from nowhere, why the country is so screwed, and why you’re imploring liberals like me not to give up.

Grossly hypocritical, laughingly bombastic fools Sony Bono could run circles around launched a ridiculous hissy fit about some 9/11 petition Mr. Jones signed, compared to the freak radical politics of the Republican party it was nothing, but if you’re afraid of Fox News and Republicans it must seem like a lot.

Never, ever give in to bullying, and by all the freaking atoms in the universe never abandon your own people over it! If by some vicious miracle one is forced to do it an unholy price has to be exacted for it, and there has to be a working political rationale available to be used in the future.

What happened instead? In obvious political fear and cowardice Obama caved to stupid, abhorrent goons, we lost one of our best people, and there was no message going forward except that the Obama people were absurdly malleable, fearful wussies who couldn’t even see the critical need of never abandoning your people. That’s how to instill massive confidence to utter losers, how to smash morale in your own base, and be wide open to gross failure in the future. Machiavelli weeps, Mr. Jones could not be bullied out in any realistic scenario, but somehow Obama cranked out another searing failure anyway.

To the point after two horrible years, Mr. Jones, where I so seriously consider loyalty to Party and Obama to be a possible psychosis, a nauseating sickness of signing up for abuse, very similar to a beaten spouse who can’t leave.

Your answer was that just the opportunity to be brutally betrayed was enough, that your critical mission was somehow tied to Berzerkely radicalism (why stereotype us negatively, Mr. Jones?), and to hold our precious country in my arms. I’ve been doing that since I could walk, Mr. Jones, right now I need a detailed answer as to why supporting Obama politics does me and the country more harm than good in reaching liberal goals.

The answer I, the base and liberals have got for two years is nothing, ignoring us always delivered votes anyway. It’s all right, Mr. Jones, I’m used to it, but if you and President Obama continue to answer that question with platitudes and no leadership, well, I’m positive you won’t like the results if you make me and the base figure it out for ourselves.

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