Friday :: Dec 3, 2010

You Won’t Vote Against Sarah Palin? Seriously?

by paradox

Still in a state of shock at seeing an allegedly Democratic president so viciously knife the country, base and our federal union brothers and sisters with a Republican wage freeze I’ve been saddened to see stalwart Obama supporters flip on the that’s it switch. The point of no return, the tipping point, whatever, but there’s a perfect American way of stating the threshold, like Bette Midler in First Wives Club, right, when she’s totally had it with the drunken insulting Goldie Hawn prattling on about her victimized life, this unholy roaring shit will never stand, that’s it, Barack.

I’m in the same place but arrived at from a very different path from most of the commentary I see outraged at enabling torturous felons or knifing unions, crystallized by Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake, who codified the Obama perspective of the chumps base perfectly. Quite obviously the Obama administration thinks they can do literally anything to the base and we’ll still vote for them, they take our votes for granted in the extreme. The incredible list of outrage and howling pain inflicted on all of us goes way beyond the usual political hoodwink of being suckered on a mundane policy issues, I and the base are being abused.

Clarity on a charge I find offensive commonly hurled at Obama critics, this ridiculous idea of personal pique purity, is regrettably necessary. Very unfortunately I have made an amazing array of horrendous mistakes in this life, self-inflicted Claymore blasts I still sometimes reel from. I understand error, I forgive mistakes, I’d be beyond deliriously happy with half of the liberal agenda just attempted, never mind implemented. For the Obama administration to relentlessly drive me to this place of harsh judgment requires an amazing dedication to fuck things up.

Knifing federal unions—and then having the horrendous chutzpah to extol the little people Democrats on the OFA mailing list to publicly endorse the blood on the floor—is way beyond a mistake, it’s a sick blow of pain upon one’s own people, a psychotic mental stance that anything can be whipped upon these contemptuously loyal rubes yet votes always still arrive, always, go ahead and think of anything outrageous and then really do it, there’s never been a price to pay.

That psychotic confidence so easily springs from a scenario that looks amazingly realistic: what if Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee for 2012? You really expect the Obama administration to believe that fiercely tribal, loyal Democrats wouldn’t get a voting fix against that horrifying dim bulb queen of failure in their political junkie world? Heh.

Laugh all the way to losing, homies, even to Sarah Palin, because I’m not voting for Barack Obama in 2012, even if that hurricane of Alaskan destruction should smash upon us. I’m leaving the Presidential slot blank and letting fate run its course, in my tiny realm of consciousness there will be accountability, there is a price to pay for battering me into such a place of pain with incredible politics of abuse.

Sarah Palin already won the election for president twice, his name was George Bush. An allegedly Democratic president succeeding the inevitable unholy screaming disaster forgives the war felon, fervently grasps many of the worst of his failures, ignores the war dead and unemployed, abuses his own people, and then leaves himself totally open for a loss to Sarah Palin. Somehow with my tiny non-vote of principle and dignity I’m responsible for all that? Please.

Disregard for plain human psyche is dismaying and insulting. The Democratic base fervently works for Democrats even after many crushing cycles of defeat, hope soars to the stratosphere with our first black president, then all comes crashing down is howling spirals of humiliating, degrading, abusive defeat, bodies lying everywhere in creeping rank fear. Then comes is this amazing dictum to shove it all in with the rationality of Spock and spit out perfect base behavior by voting against Sarah Palin. Our people are human beings, go to hell, you know?

Total strangers to my text require another very regrettable kernel of knowledge I’m quite sure those who even read me just a little discern very quickly: when it comes to inflicted abuse I know with vicious empiricism I’m talking about. How so very fortunate for us all the flashflood adrenaline, the laser fixation, the unholy patient building of rage mounting step by step to the motherfucker who did this to me should only result in such benign behavior as voting. Perhaps those who would be appalled at my acquiescence to Palin would begin to understand.

A Republican Romney or Palin could easily smash the country further in 2013. So? It’s what we live with now.

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