Monday :: Jan 3, 2011

A Few Items From the News

by Oly Mike

The NYT carries the story and Slate also moves it forward that the first thing on the GOP House agenda is to vote to repeal Obamacare. It's a completely cynical and theatrical ploy because the Senate won't pass and Obama won't sign such a bill. Wherever you stand on the question of merits or demerits of the health care reform bill, it might be smart to recognize that this is going nowhere. Theatrical legislation inaction. Do you think the tea partiers are going to understand any of this when there is so much theater?

Speaking of theater... Darrel Issa is set to take over as "investigator-in-chief" as chair of the House Oversight Committee and he was out on Sunday claiming that the Obama administration is one of the most corrupt administrations. The WAPO has that story. Just how ridiculous is that charge?

And in the #3 spot - back to the NYT - for the story that the incoming Senate is considering changes to the filibuster rules. This seems like a bad idea. Or at least poor timing with the Senate likely to move to GOP control in 2012 election. (count the dem and repub senators who will be up for relection if you need particulars on that)

I have to wonder why the Senate didn't consider this change when the House and Senate were both led by Dems? An important feature of a filibuster is the marathon floor speech that should be required. If you are not going to force a legislator to hold the floor and speak, then the filibuster is simply not happening. The most recent episode of something like a real filibuster was Bernie Sanders' opposition to the tax deal.

Happy new year, folks. We are off and running... (on the 2012 campaign).

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