Wednesday :: Jan 12, 2011

More on Loughner and Violent Rhetoric

by Oly Mike

First up, a friend of mine from Olympia, Zoltan Grossman, has a really good analytical look at Loughner over on Znet and shares his thoughts on where Loughner fits on the political spectrum. When Zoltan speaks, I listen.

Real Fascists in Our Midst

Cliff notes: Zoltan finds lots of connections between Loughner's ramblings and the thinking behind the Posse Comitatus and Sovereign Citizen movements. The grammar and brainwashing stuff that Loughner rambles about is also present in David Wynn's writings. Wynn is a founder of the Sovereign Citizen movement.

Connections between these groups and folks like Palin are slight, but Zoltan thinks that connections with Glen Beck are less than slight than with Palin. The anti-semitism and fear of "jewish" bank systems is deeply woven into the currency philosophies of these folks. Rob Kall has a piece at Opednews and debunks rumors that Loughner is connected to the synagogue where Giffords is a member.

Slatest has a couple of looks at the secondary implications of the Giffords shooting:

Meanwhile, Palin has finally said something about the Giffords shooting and it's closer to "don't retreat, reload" than it is to an admission that her rhetoric and imagery is irresponsible and incites violence. I believe Loughner was reloading when he was tackled, must be coincidence. All of the gun talk is not actually about guns, it's about surveying, gaming, role-playing.

Like Prez Bush's "bring it on" comment to insurgents in Iraq, Palin has painted herself with her violent rhetoric. This stuff does have consequences.

Republicans out there, please nominate Palin to run for POTUS in 2012. She will not look good when she has to function in the public sphere instead of the Faux sphere.

I wondered if I was the only person really incensed about this situation and looked around a bit. Seems like some other folks are reacting in similar way. Juan Cole's take on the Giffords shooting is like mine. I recommend reading Juan's piece top to bottom if you think the right wingers haven't crossed the line on violent rhetoric.

I can't manage to switch to analytical mode quite yet, so I am appreciative of a guy like Zoltan who can. I think Zoltan is correct. This shooting is political and springs from the militia movements and anti-semitism.

I am going to try and chill a bit on this. There's something about an idiot armed to the teeth spraying bullets into a crowd, killing children that really gets me riled up.

Go out and buy a glock for family protection? No, I don't think so. I am not interested in solutions that require firearms. When will Palin, Beck, et al join me and reject the language of violence and killing folks?

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