Sunday :: Jan 23, 2011

Judith is right, Clarence Thomas does not belong on the Bench

by Oly Mike

Before we consider the possibility and probability of the democrats or any regulatory agency (Dept of Justice?) actually moving to address the problem, let's just focus on what the guy has done: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Common Cause says that a review of tax records of the Heritage Foundation show that Virginia Thomas, wife of Clarence, was paid $686,579 between 2003 and 2007. During those same years, Judge Thomas was required to report spousal income and he checked the box indicating his spouse had no income.

The Supreme Court has the weakest level of overview of judicial ethics when compared to other courts in this country, and it may be that the best check against unethical behavior by a Supreme is impeachment by the Senate and removal from the bench.

The LA Times has pretty good article and review in the link above, and I think the bottom line is that there will be no consequences, but that doesn't mean that the way this should turn out. This guy should be off the bench for his loyalty to conservative politics above any connection to ethics and or the law. Replace him with Anita Hill as the final chapter in their unfortunate nexus. I could live with that outcome.

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