Thursday :: Jan 27, 2011

WTF - Winning the Future

by Oly Mike

Lots of analysis of the SOTU speech out there. But it seems like so much fluff to me. The speech was full of platitudes, light on challenge or details. I have read that the word unemployment did not show up in the speech. This in a year in which so many folks are still looking for a job.

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I think there was no mention of gun control. This in the wake of the Loughner-Giffords incident that cries out for legislation to limit access to the large clips and weapons that can fire so many bullets per minute that they might as well be machine guns.

On the lighter side, lots of folks remember salmon as the focus of the speech. Yep, asked to capture the message, salmon was number one according to an NPR survey. Click on the graphic above to jump to the NPR article. Lots of fun stuff there with their word cloud generator analysis of the speech.

Pick your favorites, courtesy NY Mag.

My favorites:

Michael Moore: Soon a fresh water salmon will sit next to a salt water salmon in the spirit of civility.


Matt Iglesias: Gay soldiers will win the future by riding high speed trains to salmon farms.

forget about gun control, unemployment, stepping down from our imperial war stance, let's smoke some salmon, baby!

Anybody have salmon on their buzzword bingo card? I didn't think so, but we are all chanting salmon now.

On a serious note, a thing of moment, the Egyptians are in the streets for the third day. If this democracy thing catches on, we might even see Americans in the street asking for some of that stuff. The Egypt story should be the headline, but it got smoked by salmon.

Ich bin ein Egyptian as JFK might say if he were with us today.

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