Tuesday :: Feb 15, 2011

This Is The Best They Can Do?

by Steve

Notwithstanding Deacon's valid assessment from yesterday about Obama's intent with his budget proposal, it is still hard to digest that a Democratic president issued a budget that cut heating oil assistance for the poor, went easy on the banks, left Defense virtually intact (at a time when 74% of those polled said current defense spending is a ceiling, and four-in-ten said it should be cut), cut the EPA, and did nothing to improve consumer demand - as his opening position. And yet the White House is telling bloggers and the progressive base that all this is necessary to deal with the deficit, caused largely by the economic and foreign policies of his GOP predecessors - and carried on by this White House.

And if you came away from yesterday with the impression that Obama's proposed cuts against the middle class financed his post-midterms tax giveaway to the wealthy, then you're not alone. He's fighting on their turf and within the GOP's narrative, giving up the notion of stimulating consumer demand to get the economy going again, and proposing a re-election budget, not one that will actually accomplish anything.

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