Thursday :: Apr 7, 2011

Obama Will Sell Out Once Again

by Steve
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Watching Obama's appearance before the White House media after another "negotiating" session ended worried me that he's about to sell out once again.

The president's overall argument against the shutdown was awfully lame and unconvincing.

We’re now less than 30 hours away from the government shutting down. That means, first of all, 800,000 families -- our neighbors, our friends, who are working hard all across the country in a whole variety of functions -- they suddenly are not allowed to come to work. It also means that they’re not getting a paycheck. That obviously has a tremendous impact.
You then have millions more people who end up being impacted because they’re not getting the services from the federal government that are important to them. So small businesses aren’t seeing their loans processed. Folks who want to get a mortgage through the FHA may not be able to get it, and obviously that’s not good as weak as this housing market is. You’ve got people who are trying to get a passport for a trip that they’ve been planning for a long time -- they may not be able to do that. So millions more people will be significantly inconvenienced; in some ways, they may end up actually seeing money lost or opportunities lost because of a government shutdown.

That's the best you can do: FHA mortgages and passports? Really?

So, again: 800,000 federal workers and their families impacted; millions of people who are reliant on government services not getting those services -- businesses, farmers, veterans; and finally, overall impact on the economy that could end up severely hampering our recovery and our ability to put people back to work.

Mr. President, do you really think that unemployed federal workers is the strongest argument you can make?

But what are your priorities for a deal?

And my hope is, is that I’ll be able to announce to the American people sometime relatively early in the day that a shutdown has been averted, that a deal has been completed that has very meaningful cuts in a wide variety of categories, that helps us move in the direction of living within our means, but preserves our investments in things like education and innovation, research, that are going to be important for our long-term competitiveness.

Preserves our investments? Education and research? What about services for the needy and vulnerable? Or do those fall into the category of "meaningful cuts in a wide variety of categories", and are those recipients to be tossed aside?

Not once did the president mention the real reason we find ourselves here: the dozens of extremist demands, or "riders" to eviscerate services for women and environmental protections. Yet the president couldn't be bothered to mention that, or draw a line in the sand tonight warning the GOP that he'll only go so far. Even Harry Reid seems to be waiving the flag on some of these riders.

Upon returning to the Capitol, Reid told reporters he needed to speak with the Democratic caucus. He acknowledged that Democrats still believe most of the policy riders Republicans have sought would end up jettisoned from the final deal, if there is a deal. He declined to specify which measures Obama and Democrats would relent on.
“We’ll get most of them” removed, he said.

You'll get most of them? Why are you bargaining on any of them?

Watch, we're about to be sold out once again.

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