Friday :: Apr 8, 2011

Did The Dems Cave on the Policy Riders?

by Deacon Blues

Be very afraid. The GOP has been saying in the last hour that an agreement is possible today, and that people should be patient.

You should be afraid because at the same time, Harry Reid said that the Democrats have now agreed to throw another $5 billion in cuts onto the total, bringing it to $38 billion. But worse yet, there's this:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he's hopeful the two sides can reach a deal today and said they had agreed to $38 billion in cuts and the Republicans' 65 so-called "policy riders," except the one that aims to bar funding for Planned Parenthood. He denounced Republicans, saying talks have deadlocked on "ideology."

Did Harry Reid and the White House just agree to the GOP demands to defund any health care reform effort, and agree to prevent the EPA from regulating coal plants and addressing global warming?

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