Friday :: Jul 29, 2011

Reassuring the Base?

by Mary

Greg Sargent wrote in the Morning Plum:

Report: Obama is NOT taking his base for granted: Peter Wallsten reports that the White House is waging an unusually aggressive behind the scenes campaign to reassure liberal activists and core Dem constituencies who are upset that Obama has given too much ground in the debt ceiling fight. It’s a sign that the White House may recognize that anger on the left could pose a serious problem for the reelection campaign.

But much as Digby noted the media was obstinately refusing to hear what normal people were telling them, the piece by Wallsten had nothing about the Boehner/Obama discussions to raise the age of Medicare to 67. This particular agreement was not only a betrayal of his base, but also the American public because it would make the healthcare problem we face worse. To think that it was only last year the sensible discussion was how one thing that would truly help with overall healthcare costs (the major driver of our structural deficit problems) while helping a very large number of people would be to allow people to buy into Medicare starting at age 55. But that was deemed to be something that was too dangerous for the health-insurance industry so it had to go.

It was one thing to have to settle for a technically competent President rather than a visionary who was ready to help reset the debate, but this proposal was so totally off the scale in making the real problem worse that one wonders about what level of competence is really behind these negotiations.

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