Thursday :: Sep 1, 2011

What's The Point?

by Deacon Blues

Perhaps after watching this White House political team botch negotiation after negotiation, no one should be surprised that they made a hash out of scheduling a presidential speech on jobs. But to see the Obama administration announce an address before Congress on the same night as a GOP presidential debate is very sobering as we head into a nasty presidential campaign.

If the political hacks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue thought it would be advantageous to sandbag John Boehner without advance coordination and force him to reject the appearance, then it's reflective of a major flaw with these small-minded morons around the president. They would rather try to make the GOP look bad through their tactics, rather than hammer the GOP on policy differences and the GOP's own culpability for our situation. But this only confirms what the progressive left has learned to its horror about this president and his team: they have no real committment to what's good policy and what's worth fighting for; they are only interested in whatever it takes to make their boss look good. And for them, they think it's sufficient that their boss look like the better man than Boehner and McConnell, while still cutting deals with them. What works isn't as important to them as what can get done, and when your opponents know this, you will continually fail.

It's bad enough that this stupidity yesterday showed more badly on the White House than the GOP. But what will Obama actually propose next week? The GOP will oppose anything he suggests, so why not avoid the mistakes with the stimulus and for once go big and demand something that will actually work, and then make the GOP fight to the death to kill it? The economy has already suffered enough from Obama's mistake on the first stimulus, so why would he repeat it again by going meek the second time?

Yet after watching this fiasco yesterday, I have no doubt that Obama's team will think it is sufficient for him to look better than his opponents while still waiving the white flag in the end.

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