Tuesday :: Sep 6, 2011

He Called Us Names!

by paradox

I was fairly surprised over the weekend at Balloon Juice to see one of their erstwhile bloggers state that people just want a president to fight over something—what the fuck does that even mean? We’re in a woeful place when alert Democrats have seen so little liberal fighting they don’t even know what it is.

This is a big part of it, Teamsters President James Hoffa using inflammatory labeling by calling the Republicans the sonzabitches they are and flatly stating next year’s election is a war against the Teatards it rightly should be. Hoffa’s people—as all of us—have taken many assaults over the years from Republicans, why should he be gentle with his speech?

As Hullabaloo could have told you the instant a Democrat or liberal starts fighting Fox News and their chollo blog brothers clutch their ethical pearls in aghast hissy fit horror, oh my god Hoffa called us names!

Fox and their Republican brethren blare forth in the world as if the human brain never had any evidence of memory, it never could be that Fox hounded Al Gore as a liar who invented the internet, that John Kerry was a pink bandaid bike fairy, or that Bill O’Reilly branded abortionist Dr. Tiller a babykiller ceaselessly—until he was shot and killed, that is. No, in their political world all is of now, which is James Hoffa attacked us and called us names!

It’s a sick mental trick inflicting enormous harm upon the Republic, but amazingly Fox News just squats there in its bloated, putrid hypocrisy, daring the race to ignore the searing stench of it all.

Another huge part of being a fighter is of course not backing down. Hoffa is a competent fighter, he brushed off the ludicrous Fox hissy fit for the pathetic counter-jab it was.

Hoffa is of course a union official, not an elected representative. As Balloon Juice correctly noted most politicians—like successful folks everywhere—are rational, calm accommodating folks who never call other human beings sonzabitches, how humanly uncouth, ugh.

There is one critical distinction, though, an elected official is not a rational decision-maker in some Weber model of business organization, he or she is—duh!—an elected public official, a politician, and although of course voters would be repelled by a Mr. Smith ranter 365 by God and Mary they do expect politicians to show a fight some days for what’s important to them and the country.

Fighters don’t give up, they don’t have to pound and rant, they’re just persistent in never abandoning a stated set of principles. For instance, it could have been an Obama Administration principle that the little people and their employment always comes first, no American and their family has a life without a good job, of course, we will never back down from employment fights in Congress or slugging it out like hell for more infrastructure spending rebuilding schools.

If we don’t get results immediately oh well, we try again next year with whatever we have. Loudly, and when those whining fools on Fox hissy fit back squash them hard immediately, that’s got to be the easiest political evolution on the planet.

Career politicians and their staffs may think the little people are low information stupid, but we are not idiots. We see that before the President’s big job speech the wars of incredible cost rage on, that the banks got bailed out with trillions of no-interest loans, that because of all this insanity and hard times federal spending had to be cut in a political hostage evolution putrid in its machinations and results.

Now it’s our turn for a fix with jobs. [sigh] Oh yeah, being last in it all is going to deliver.

Put the little people first with their lives and jobs every week of the year and it won’t matter if a voter thinks five seconds, he or she will know what to do, and fighting Republicans will be hardly-necessary element to American political life. That the Obama Administration has put us behind war, the banks and sick deficit compromise means all that they purport to believe in is at total risk, they really don’t believe in us but still want our votes.

Want that perception and the unemployment rate to change? Start fighting for the little people and their jobs. Now, every day until the election, only that path completely assures 2012 electoral victory.

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