Saturday :: Sep 17, 2011

The Day Will Arrive, Leon

by paradox

For all its glaring hypocrisies and vast chasms of un-finished business the US constitution is an okay-model of government, one strength being the Founders wise insistence that there never be any circumstance of special powers or special legislation in extraordinarily stressful times. There was and is never any way to codify the hypothetical super mega-watt lightning powers to save us without the opposition being able to manufacture any crisis at whim to abuse the country and people for their squirrelly devices.

Thus it will ever be, as I’ve written and warned before when we as a people, be it under local, county, state or federal jurisdictions are subject to the authority of “special” committees or “special sessions,” well, we’re fucked. Not compromised, not at a disadvantage, not in a tight place, a straight ef you see kay fucked, every single time. As Medicare cuts loom from the Senatorial train wreck from that heinous hostage capitulation to debt ceiling the vicious splat of horrible super-duper megawatt-lightning failure will hopefully sink in the warning once and for all.

“The special committee suborns the will and procedures of Congress,” whined Representative Louise Slaughter upon hearing the idea. Welcome to our world, Louise, Congress could never inflict Medicare cuts, but a special committee of the manifestly foolish few will.

Many Obama and Party partisans continue to somehow insist that Democrats are markedly different than Republicans, that it’s really truly okay to accept two wars at $120 billion annually plus a $600 billion bill every year for the Department of Defense.

The little people may be distracted, may be low-information CNN civic drones, may be too over-worked and over-tired stupid to comprehend the knife of a special Senate committee, but we’re not idiots. Hello? Only the fools bent on screwing the country think it’s sane in any remote sense the slash domestic spending while pouring cash onto wars in a ceaseless roar of rustling paper. The disconnect of reality and common sense is stunning, just a little less stupefying than the fact our laughable representatives really think they can pull it off.

DC, every soul in the country not ensnared in your sick insanity sees it, just stop this ludicrous game war is good while we knife our seniors. There are many reasons Congress has a Fukishima-Nagasaki approval rating of 12, having the amazing gall, arrogance and stupidity to actually look us in the eye with Medicare cuts as we pay for heinous war is a huge one.

Obama and Party partisans, I wish you well with you quest of differentiation, truly. The Supreme Court is at risk, I know, but it’s impossible to make the case while bombing kids in never-ending war under Democratic leadership. Sorry!

Leon Panetta emerged forth yesterday from some hole in DC and warned darkly that if the super-duper megawatt lightning dudes don’t screw the little people properly defense cuts could automatically kick in. Why, the little people would lose jobs!

[sigh] You know, Leon, your slimy little world of manipulative media, defense contractors, rivers of lobbying money and fear has seemingly worked for so long I can understand how you’re be of offensively economically clueless and callous. Reality and citizens may meekly go along now in a satisfying trap of neglect and apparent ignorance but it will not always be so, as I’ve warned repeatedly some day, in some way, something is going to give as our people starve and the wars rage on.

“There could be riots,” Mayor Bloomberg warned yesterday of the continued insanity of terrible unemployment and endless war. If we’re lucky, what political geeks like me really worry about is prolonged civic abuse that eventually vomits out disastrous political results, like the insanity of a Rick Perry presidency. Unholy lunacy, of course, but absolutely unsurprising given all the insanity in the environment, that’s what happens when a people are abused and desperate enough.

This ludicrous insanity of waging endless war while abusing the little people is going to end. If the fools in DC think they can get away with it they’re horribly wrong, some day, in some way, something is going to give. That day will arrive, Leon Panetta, and I pray with every atom in my soul leadership takes us to the inevitable state of peace we need and deserve. History consistently shows us people in revolt on their own—in whatever fashion—usually leading to catastrophically disastrous, bloody results.

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