Saturday :: Oct 15, 2011

Green Building is In

by Mary

Climate Progress reports that more than a third of American architects, engineers and contractors define their jobs as "green" jobs and those numbers are expected to grow.

More than 40% of the industry representatives surveyed for the McGraw Hill study said that having “green” credentials to meet changes in the market mean better career advancement and new job opportunities. With the conventional construction industry floundering, new construction in the green building space grew by 50% in 2009 and 2010, according to McGraw Hill.

Rather than talk about job creation — a conversation that has turned very political — people in the industry would rather talk about value creation: saving money, raising health standards and increasing worker productivity.

“With zero hesitation, this is a business opportunity,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President and CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, when asked by Climate Progress how the industry how the industry messages its goals in the face of so much political negativity.

Green jobs are here to stay, despite the naysayings from those like the Koch brothers who believe that they can hold back the transition from the wasteful carbon economy for their own benefit. Indeed, it looks like the industry is healthier than they would want you to know. Perhaps it's time for the MSM to report on this development -- a rare, but powerful good news story.

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