Wednesday :: Nov 2, 2011

The 1% March Resolutely On, $100 Million CEO Payout

by paradox

Those who yearn for change often turn to agitation or political leadership to attempt it, but all know the best and most effective evolution is the cultural sea change that swells upward from all around us, not driven from the top down. To think about how this works, imagine the OWS movement becoming so effective and culturally penetrating that change is forced just through the potential approval or disapproval of OWS demands.

Perpetual war is a grossly stupid, offensive idea Americans historically would have vehemently, instantly rejected, and were it not for that leadership of fear from that Texas twerp we would have squashed the insanity long ago. Our militarism is off the map, the National Football League senses that being a propaganda tool for the military isn’t socially acceptable anymore (they have a codified, paid partnership, it’s a DOD program) and voila, no more jets and helicopters on some stupid testosterone nationalism jack before a football game.

Those awful greenwashing campaigns by massive industrial polluters begin to boomerang and backfire with real punishment in the market. It simply isn’t socially acceptable to lie to the little people, it’s a huge reason we’re in this incredible mess, and if you’re going to pollute and brutally enforce a cruel outdated market solution for your industry don’t offend the race further with sick dishonesty about who we are and where we’re going.

Perhaps, even, our beloved Daily Kos would be engulfed in the wave. Do we support the dictum of electing more and better Democrats as our holy mission? Ah, no, after deep judicious consideration we only support and work for Democrats who fully embrace and truly help the OWS movement.

Well, anything is possible in life and if that day will arrive we are certainly not there yet. Exhibit A is one Eugene Isenberg of Nabors Industries, it’s time for him to go as CEO and he forced a $100 million severance payout for the evolution.

In grimy forced fairness to this sickly greedy bastard chief executive compensation has been destructively insane for 20 years, somehow it became an ironclad rule of the 1% that if you’re a CEO all bets are off, there is absolutely no limit to outrageous greed granted your somehow holy person if you run a company. To see how psychotically off the map America has become here, when the Obama administration rescued the GM the doofus CEO who was in place got to walk out the door out with a $20 million severance. $20 million dollars! For failure!

Isenberg is a CEO of a public company that answers to a board of directors, they’re as sick and destructive as he is. In even more grimly forced fairness this board somehow stopped Isenberg from getting more than $100 million, after a fight this psychotically high number was reached as a compromise.

Fortunately—for them--the Nabors board is not based in New York and is dispersed, the outrage has received a lot of media attention but there isn’t an easy way to hit them in the streets for this. May the holy day arrive soon when overwhelming social derision and disgust stops a board from enshrining an 81-year-old into the 1% with a $100 million payout.

They’ve bought our political leadership and wrecked our markets while we’re eternally at war, completely blind to inequality and mass suffering from their greed and violence. Sleeping bags, food, medical supplies, cash and all the fervent good wishes the little people can muster are on the way.

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