Thursday :: May 10, 2012

Responding to Global Warming

by Mary

The other day Joe Romm pointed to a terrific piece by Bill Blakemore in ABC that talks about how those who are truly aware of the looming danger from catastrophic climate change are dealing with the fear to rise to the occasion.

“Hug the monster” is a metaphor taught by U.S. Air Force trainers to those headed into harm’s way.

The monster is your fear in a sudden crisis — as when you find yourself trapped in a downed plane or a burning house.

If you freeze or panic — if you go into merely reactive “brainlock” — you’re lost.

But if your mind has been prepared in advance to recognize the psychological grip of fear, focus on it, and then transform its intense energy into action — sometimes even by changing it into anger — and by also engaging the thinking part of your brain to work the problem, your chances of survival go way up.

Around the world, a growing number of people are showing signs of hugging the monster of what the world’s experts have plainly shown to be a great crisis facing us all.

Thinking about the effects of global warming can be frightening, but this piece reminds us that we can use that fear to confront that danger. I highly recommend it.

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