Tuesday :: Jun 19, 2012

Letter From California

by paradox

06/19/12 0937.12 PST
San Jose, California

As required by law the California legislature formulated and passed a budget for 2013, except it has a huge revenue hole that will have to partially plugged by the Governor’s Fall initiative to raise taxes. Early polling suggests the tax increases proposed by Governor Brown will pass, but it’s still a woefully terrible idea California will hardly be served with at all.

A pathetic sales tax increase to placate the Chamber of Commerce, that’s the word on the street, how cheered the citizenry was to see Republicans coddled by our Democratic governor. Then a modest income tax increase for the very well-off among us, what a wimpy bunt attempt for single this is when California so needed a home run. No Prop. 13 reforms, no mineral or oil changes, no gutsy income tax increases, perhaps $10 billion more in revenue but $20 billion will be needed, seriously, better half a loaf than nothing, one supposes.

Y’all know how I feel about this, me’n the Governor aren’t close, no, so it’s hard to say what his initiative tax increase election turd in the punchbowl motives are. He’s not hanging out with the Machiavellians, we would never, ever accept failure as the end result or so disastrously choose an option that so childishly baked in our choices so early. The State fucked up with income projections, no problem, but since the initiative was written months ago the revenue amount can’t be changed now, oy. Why did you give up on the legislature for tax increases so soon again?

Ah, can’t be done. We believe you, Governor Brown.

Anyway, Governor Brown certainly hasn’t been hanging out with the Christians, Jesus Christ, I don’t think so. If the initiative fails not only do our children in k-12 take a terrible hit, the broken and poorest among us on Calworks get cut too. One would think there are no prisons or roads in California that could perhaps share in sacrifice, maybe so, but beating up little people in wheelchairs is the option given. Governor Brown goes to the park on Sundays, this is assuredly so.

Governor Brown hasn’t been hanging out with senior Senate Democrats, everyone knows that. Related to the knifing discussed above, little people in wheelchairs are dirt poor, they’ve never had anyone lobbying for them or feting their egos and stomachs endlessly. Passing and maintaining Calworks for our disabled takes real political guts and long-term moxie, and to so callously whap around literally decades of Democratic little people diligence by advanced Sacramento Democrats, well, Governor Brown is so off the Christmas list in the Senate, all agree on that.

If somehow that initiative fails to get voter approval then failure ain’t the word for what comes next, of course the little people will get crushed but it’s so stupid economically too. [sigh] Dern, despite all those power jobs on teevee economists turned out to be as useful as political scientists, meaning not for shit. Way to go.

I supposed it’s too late to back out now, Governor Brown decided a fight of the century with Senate Republicans for tax increases just wasn’t him or that the State wasn’t worth it. Look, man, anyone can see the failure right now in the initiative try, even if it passes it’s only half the job at best, but face and ego for the modern American male will fuck us all again, man I’m tired of that tape wringing out my life.

So California might get some lousy barely half-assed tax reform if all goes well so we can limp along again for another year. Governor Brown doesn’t care about pot club persecution by Obama out here but they’re still mostly open. The Farm Bill is serving the specialty crop people, who give to Feinstein and Boxer consistently, so it’s all happiness on the Farm Bill here.

My physical health is still a wreck, it makes it hard to believe in my story. I don’t know when I’ll write again.

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