Sunday :: Jul 21, 2013

White House: Time to Talk About Jobs

by Steve

From the "Better Late Than Never Department", and a day after I blasted the White House for ignoring jobs and the economy, the AP is reporting tonight that the White House will take advantage of the news vacuum caused by the August congressional recess (as if anyone would notice that Congress is officially not doing anything) to focus on jobs and the economy for the next six weeks.

Gee, what a concept: beat the crap out of your political opponents while you have the megaphone all to yourself. While you are at it Mr. President, why not savage the stupidity of a House Speaker who asserts with a straight face and without any empirical evidence that the best way to jumpstart the economy is by cutting regulations and spending. Seriously, that's what Boehner's economic plan is.

Mr. President, they're making it easy for you. Please, hammer them relentlessly for the rest of the year.

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