Friday :: Sep 6, 2013

Closed Wallets

by Steve

I don't know about you, but I've received at least 4-5 calls in just the last 3 days from both the DSCC and DCCC asking for money. In the case of the DCCC, this is their "triple match" deadline day, where any contribution by you is triple matched by other funders. A novel concept - and horribly timed.

It isn't necessarily the fault of House and Senate Democrats right now that our Democratic president has boxed himself - and his political party - into his own war. But the timing, and the facts are what they are. Barack Obama wants his party to toss away the moral high ground it has had against the GOP since 2003, namely not engaging in wars of choice based on questionable facts and rationales, and give him their support for a laughable limited military strike against a dictator that will change nothing. It's bad enough that Obama's own foreign policy indifference and lack of a game plan beyond sound bites got him into this mess. Now he wants his party ahead of a critical midterm election to toss away one last advantage it has against the GOP.

How credible will incumbent Democrats look to their constituents when these incumbents find the energy to pivot and cast an unpopular vote for more war when they can't be bothered to launch an all-out assault upon GOP intransigence over jobs and Wall Street accountability?

And in the midst of this, the congressional committees are out there trying to raise money.

Good luck with that.

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