Monday :: Feb 10, 2014

Glenn Greenwald’s New Site Now Live

by paradox

A new day is with us as young internet media hotshots backed by deep technology money break onto the scene, first up Glenn Greenwald and, soon to be followed by Ezra Klein.

I wish Mr. Greenwald all the success possible, and I fervently hope his sense of freedom is restored when he soon travels to the United States without hindrance. [sneers] The Land of the Free, yes, until you embarrass the mighty, then your partner is detained and harassed at the airport and a precious mental grounding of always knowing you can go home viciously taken away from you.

[sigh] One of the great problems of having stupid and senseless opposition from Republicans is that it inevitably leads to mean and stupid policy from the Obama Administration, the bush league they play in is so regressive they’re surprised when their thinking and tactics are exposed in another human arena.

I have chatted with Glenn on email since he first started blogging, the latest when he published his last book, watching closely and always hoping for the best. I was shocked when I saw an image of his face looking at his partner approximately 24 hours after that hideous KGB detainment at the airport.

There are few more controlled souls in this country, but Glenn was absolutely furious with chilling set of brow and jaw. If you haven’t found out by now, Obama Administration, it’s about to become crystal clear how Dick Cheney stupid it was to get Glenn Greenwald angry.

Detain Mr. Greenwald at the airport when he soon attempts to travel to the United States, put him in a holding pen while you confiscate his laptop and phone, and well, I’m afraid you’re going to find out from many parts of the blogosphere with a hurricane of furious abuse at your hideous stupidity just how many friends he has. You’re going to find out what a real defense of freedom means, and until your dying days you’re going to regret how dumb it was to mess with Glenn Greenwald or his people.

I am weary and beaten down with an illness completely out of my control. Still, I know and can feel a real fight when the call comes, and by God and baby Jesus it’s so on if Glenn Greenwald can’t travel here as a free American.

Perhaps it’s rather obvious of the angry contempt I hold for the Obama Administration in many policy areas, and there is no greater source for my acute distress than the unthinking and absolute continuation of any national security policy inherited from the worst of all time, George Bush.

Iraq war? 2 more years. Afghanistan? 6 more years, a brand new drone war in lord knows how many countries, and of course a total embrace of whatever our freedom-loving National Security Administration came up with and 11 aircraft carriers, why not? Then they’ll look at you and say how they’re not Republicans, they’re adults in the room.

All this unceasing violence will only mean more bloodshed to our own people, how long before stupid Cheney authoritarianism tactics show themselves to be useless and self-defeating? Please, please let the Democratic Party candidate for 2016 understand peace.

Somehow in the twisted, bloody world of George Bush foreign policy it became perfectly okay to slaughter innocent humans in drone mistakes. Should a SEAL team have such an atrocious record it never would be continually used, but since it’s secret and we wouldn’t know the crucial value of peace if it bit us in the ass, hell, dig on that Dick Cheney method of killing people to solve problems and put on a big drone war.

It’s been a disaster in multiple horrifying dimensions, multitudes of innocent men, women and children killed in error, an American citizen and his son slaughtered for no reason ever given, unending hatred bred against us, terrible secrecy leading to no accountability and a vast treasure squandered in blood. We’re not safer and horribly debased in the human community on the planet.

All of this is made vividly clear in the first post from, I urge y’all to go read it. Good luck, Glenn.

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