Monday :: May 5, 2014

Cracks in the Wall

by Deacon Blues

There are cracks in the unified GOP wall against any increase in the minimum wage. After the Senate GOP caucus filibustered against even debating a minimum wage increase last week, former Minnesota GOP governor Tim Pawlenty came out in support of a minimum wage increase. And now former GOP senator Rick Santorum agrees with Pawlenty, and points out that the GOP can't talk about its support for blue-collar America while opposing the concept of a minimum wage let alone increasing it.

Conventional wisdom inside the Beltway is that once the calendar moves beyond the primary filing dates this spring, and House GOP incumbents escape potential Tea Party challengers, John Boehner's caucus will be more amenable to doing deals on immigration and minimum wage. We'll see if this comes to pass, and how it affects if at all the behavior of Senate GOP incumbents who voted in almost total lockstep against even debating a wage increase. But Obama does have a door open now to see if a more gradual increase can be negotiated with Boehner and McConnell behind the scenes.

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