Thursday :: May 8, 2014

Benghazi: Play or No Play?

by Deacon Blues

If you were Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, would you boycott the Benghazi select committee or make sure your best and toughest are on the panel to undercut the witch hunt? We know that Pelosi is already making noises about boycotting the panel, especially after the GOP stepped on their d*cks and let the NRCC use the kangaroo court as a fundraising vehicle.

There are good reasons for going in either direction. Boycotting the committee sends the message that Boehner and the leadership are acting on their own without any legitimacy other than naked partisanship and craven fundraising off the deaths of the four Americans. For his part, Trey Gowdy already thinks he is a prosecutor putting the Obama administration on trial. It won’t be hard to message against this for months, especially if the Democrats use the time every day to counter the GOP harangue each day with a strong pushback in the same news cycle challenging the GOP assertions and motives on the facts themselves.

Having said that, Pelosi could stack the committee with her best and most telegenic warriors, ready to undercut Gowdy and the rest of the GOP blowhards in real time, which unfortunately drags the Democrats into the same spectacle and giving the electorate a daily reminder of why they hate both parties and Congress.

It should also be said however that the White House created this problem for itself. As Dana Milbank noted earlier this week, the Ben Rhodes’ email that caused the latest furor should have been provided to the GOP before now, and its absence from the previous email submissions only makes it easier for Boehner and others to scream that the White House is lying and hiding something.

So based on that, should Pelosi participate or let Boehner and Gowdy swim by themselves?

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