Tuesday :: Jul 15, 2014

Where The Hell Is Eric Holder?

by Deacon Blues

Two former Utah Attorney Generals were arrested and charged with felonies today involving bribery, obstruction of justice, running a pay-to-play operation with donors, and witness tampering. Both are Republicans, in a deeply red state. But note that although the FBI arrested the two today, the cases were not pursued by the federal Department of Justice but rather by the Salt Lake District Attorney, after a two-year investigation.

Republicans John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff are accused of establishing a pay-to-play culture in office, and of taking bribes to look the other way or offer protection when donors to their political campaigns ran into legal trouble.
"This has been a complex, nuanced, large investigation and there are multiple players in it," Salt Lake District Attorney Sim Gill said at a news conference. "We have filed what we think are appropriate charges. We could have filed more."

Sounds pretty bad, huh? Except that Eric Holder’s Department of Justice declined to prosecute these infractions back in 2013, leaving it to the FBI agents working with state and local law enforcement to make these arrests today, again in a red state.

Just what the hell is going on with the Attorney General of the United States, when the FBI has to work with red-state law enforcement to arrest red-state officials for multiple counts of official corruption?

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