Wednesday :: Jul 16, 2014

A Real Disgrace

by Deacon Blues
ABC Image of New Hampshire GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte, an accomplished master of BS

Today, the Senate GOP managed to filibuster a Democratic attempt to overcome the harm done by the "Catholic Five" on the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case. What's surprising in the 56-43 failed vote was that Democrats picked up the support of three GOP senators to fix the discrimination sanctioned by the Catholic Five.

What isn't surprising is that the GOP, including the endangered Mitch McConnell and the deceitful Kelly Ayotte tried to skirt the fallout by misdirecting the issue to cover their asses. Ayotte wants you to give the GOP points for simply allowing women access to contraception.

"Our bill will reaffirm that no employer can prohibit an employee from purchasing an FDA-approved drug or medical device, including contraception," Ayotte said.

See the misdirection? I'm not aware that Hobby Lobby was pleading to be allowed to prohibit their employees from purchasing medications on their own dime, yet to believe Ayotte and McConnell, they'll fix this by making sure that no big, bad employer does such a thing. The Hobby Lobby case, as Lying Kelly knows was not about an employer prohibiting their employees from purchasing drugs, but instead was about a private company using religious objections to target women and avoid covering contraception as part of a required benefit package, even in cases where a physician deems it medically necessary.

This nuance doesn't matter to Ayotte, because she has no problem throwing her gender overboard and sanctioning different treatment for women and men. She just don't want to be exposed for doing it, so she hides behind the false issue of "access" when the real issues were disparate treatment, and employer coverage for women's medically necessary services. A valid case could have been made for Hobby Lobby to avoid covering pregnancy-terminating devices or drugs based on religious beliefs, yet the ignorant and intolerant Catholic Five on the SCOTUS and even Ayotte are quite comfortable going right past that distinction and flatly discriminating against women.

I don't expect the Catholic Five to know any better, because they are simply robe-wearing right wing political hacks who wouldn't know women's health if it bit them in the ass, but Ayotte has no such excuse.

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