Wednesday :: Jul 30, 2014

It's Not Heartlessness

by Deacon Blues

Watching the MSNBC coverage of the migrant children "crisis" would lead you to believe that the GOP's alleged callousness in demanding the children be sent back to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala will backfire on them. The various progressive commentators tell us that the American public will see this as a humanitarian crisis, and not victimize these kids by treating them as illegals trying to get into country. We're told the GOP's reaction will hurt them this fall and it 2016.

Don't count on it.

American compassion and empathy are wonderful things. But when many Americans wonder why more attention isn't focused on our problems here at home, and ask why scarce resources should be allocated to someone else's kids rather than our own, it's no lock that the American electorate will punish the GOP for being hardnose on this issue. Voters know that the rabble-rousing professional protest wing of the GOP isn't necessarily reflective of the GOP as a whole. In fact, voters may feel that some of what they hear from more deliberate GOP leaders reflects their own concerns about misguided priorities and Obama's inability to deal with basic issues of governance.

Yes, a good part of the GOP doesn't care a rat's ass about any kids, whether they be American or from somewhere else. And yes, it would be nice if the White House and Democrats were shrewd enough to effectively kneecap this GOP hypocrisy by asking them to commit to a "childrens agenda" here at home, or failing that, blast them for only using these kids until the next news cycle.

Unfortunately, I've given up waiting for this White House and Democrats to effectively deal with the GOP on anything right now. Until a new political team and Democratic leadership arrives, progressives must make sure they don't make things worse with false assumptions about the American electorate.

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