Thursday :: Jul 31, 2014

GOP Says "Screw The Kids"

by Deacon Blues

After screaming at the top of their lungs several weeks ago about the “crisis” caused by thousands of immigrant children “storming” our borders, and Barack Obama’s alleged indifference to the issue, House Republicans this afternoon couldn’t even muster enough votes to do anything about it.

But suing the president and going on vacation? Sure.

In other words, these kids were nothing but political props to John Boehner and the GOP, and GOP governors should be directed to fire their anger not at the White House, but at their own GOP delegations. Did you hear that Rick Perry?

As I said several weeks ago, Obama should hammer the GOP relentlessly on these abdications of responsibility during the congressional recess in August. The White House and DCCC should focus their fire on the 20-30 House Republicans in purple districts, and highlight their vote yesterday on suing the president, when these same GOP incumbents couldn’t be bothered to deal with real issues before taking their vacations.

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