Tuesday :: Nov 4, 2014

The Burden of Governing

by Deacon Blues

As Democrats head home and wait tonight for what the political professionals tell us will be a long night and terrible 2015, let us not forget that:

-Democrats ran away from their own successes and failed to take credit for what little the GOP allowed them to do;
-Some Democratic candidates ran plain awful campaigns (hello soon-to-be former Senator Udall);
-John Roberts and Sam Alito knew exactly who they were helping with Citizens United;
-Regardless of the above, Democrats faced long odds this year given the likely electorate (low information white males);
-The president and White House made it all the more challenging with their political ineptitude.

Having said all of that, the GOP will likely now have no more excuses and can no longer hide behind the demonization of the Black Man in the White House. Running both houses of Congress means that the GOP now steps out into the sunlight with their real agenda and intraparty freak show. The GOP will have to explain why the Keystone pipeline only really benefits their elites, and explain why Big Oil should continue to get tax breaks against ridiculous profits while subsidies for alternative energy are to be scrapped. Jim Inhofe will get screen time to be the face of the GOP on climate change. Paul Ryan and the Tea Party will be the face of the party explaining why Medicare and the safety net need to be sacrificed in the name of a tax “reform” that protects the One Percent. Ted Cruz can rant nightly about an imperial president while he chases imaginary foes of Democracy and ignores kitchen table issues.

We can all wait gleefully for the moment that Iowa and Colorado voters see the true colors of Joni Ernst and Cory Gardner, and then watch those states realize they were lied to and are saddled with those embarrassments for six years. And at some point in 2015, independent voters will wonder why they were so easily conned into electing slugs that spend all their time investigating and attacking, but not actually dealing with any real problems.

Yes, 2015 will be bad for many Americans, and yet they will earn what they are about to get. We can shortly dispense with the Beltway’s tired and false “voters are smarter than we think” bullsh*t, because in truth voters have been dumbed down, and the Democrats’ base is too disinterested to get out and vote their own self-interest. The GOP has known this for years, but they are about to be handed just enough rope to hang themselves.

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