Wednesday :: Jul 15, 2015

Letter From California

by paradox

O7/15/15 0448.32 PST
San Jose, California

A few weeks ago I got an invitation/exhortation from the Clinton campaign to host a house party, an amusingly impossible evolution on multiple levels. Some men carve wood, some play sports or read or work on cars, hell even play with train sets1, thus is the benign gaze upon which the rest of the family views their political junkie. The election is next year, how could anything relevant happen this Fall?

Should I clear the significant mental hurdle for my partner that this indeed the case, I’d get the inevitable statement that she’s voting the straight D as usual in 2016, isn’t that the ultimate deliverable in her political duty? Well, not exactly, but basely, yes. Isn’t it true that you’re always bitching our blue California zip code means we’ll be ignored again anyway? Ah, yes, but still, there are many personal and societal valuable elements to be gained with a house party, surely.

There are? Do you actually mean 40-60 complete strangers traipsing through the place as part of your political obsession would be valuable?

One time in 1983, right, my sister Katherine was home for Christmas at my parent’s house, with not much to do two days before we turned on the teevee in the evening and some channel was broadcasting Looney Tunes. Yosemite Sam rode into the scene on this huge menacing resplendent war elephant, Bugs Bunny completely unperturbed as he takes a mouse out of his pocket.

The elephant completely freaks out with a huge “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” of a bray and then frantically picks up Yosemite Sam with his trunk, smashing him all over the floor trying to hit that scurrying mouse. Katherine and I totally busted up laughing.

40-60 strangers in this house? Pricing the furniture, noting the carpet wear, peeking in the medicine cabinet, judging the meager artwork? Should this fact truly sink home it’s the Looney Tunes elephant bray reaction all over again, arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!, but instead of the preferred action of throwing me all over the floor I’d instantly get The List.

Wash the cars.[okay] Wash the windows. [sigh] Fix the front fence. [shit] Replace the grout in the bathroom. [ugh!] Clean the shed and go to the dump. [bleah] Oh my god, fix the brick masonry in front! Dust your office, go fetch ice, get your haircut and best clothes ready and Lord let nobody look into the garage.

So, you know, no. The invitation to participate was flattering and greatly appreciated, Secretary Clinton, but I’m positive you can instantly understand the total impossibility of my little abode hosting a 2015 house party, please excuse me.

As a political junkie and Democratic Party member I view the 2016 election with wary, very diminished-expectation view. My liberal brain sees climate change, American militarism, and a Democratic House as the very top three political issues for the country to take on and very little has been said so far to show they’re being taken seriously.

Cognizance is one thing, precisely stating policy that would cut the DOD budget to $250 billion (we’re at $580 now) and frantically stop the burning of oil in any instance is a total pipe dream, let alone the fantasy of obliterating the House gerrymander with a real little people populist election.

California will be ignored, yes, but so will my own personal agenda, heh, it’s not exactly a new phenomena for me in American politics. Right now I’m totally sure Secretary Clinton will fix the reeking patriarchal dysfunction of the USSC, it’s more than enough and with all the rest, as usual, I can only hope for the best and perform what duty I can.

As a lark I tweeted the Clinton people I was available for their communication team, everybody and their brother wants to work for her and there’s no way I can move. Still, I have my moments, and remote work isn’t impossible.

I was only brave enough to do it because in the 2008 campaign somebody in the Obama writing team read my stuff and often used elements of it, I’m not stupid or unobservant, and I can’t tell you how many times this has happened with other writers. It’s okay.

I know this happened because much later I wrote an absurdly personal book review, long story right but one person in this world had to know something, there was no other way for her to get the truth, and a few months later I got an anonymous Christmas card from the White House, which has never happened before or since.

Whoever did that on Obama’s communication team, thank you, I will never, ever forget that. I’ve been sick a very long time and my world was often a difficult brutal place, so I keep that act with me and it helps.

That really is my life these days, a dance of little acts in a tiny life where I try to find my duty. Thus will be Election 2016, small evolutions of what I can do for what little the process can give me. It’s enough.

[1] Can’t find it now, but there’s this fascinating YouTube video of a man playing with his HO train set in his house, this hugely long train of 75 cars chugs in this descending circle before finally snaking away near the couch.

Sort of fun to watch, but what tripped me out was right at the end this perfectly attractive woman in shown on the couch, the bored dog right next to her, it’s all another train day in the living room. The guy obviously was employed and together, he looked at her and said in my free time I want to play with trains. She accepted that and him, I think of that video and always like that love story, humans in love while he plays with his trains, there’s a lot worse ways to live.

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