Saturday :: Oct 17, 2015

Obama Could Have Apologized to Us

by paradox

It has been a very bad week for US citizens concerned and invested for peace and stability in the Middle East, for that nipple-baring apparatchik to monstrous ego, Vladimir Putin, unleashed his Russian jets into the flaming cauldron of Syria, children frantically pulled from the rubble soon thereafter.

Absolutely oblivious to the screaming irony and stupidity US officials gravely intoned that these military actions constitute a further escalation and will only fuel more extremism and radicalization. Then the United States of America viciously bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital, killing 22.

To cap it all off came completely final and official word that of course the war in Afghanistan is not over and will not be over during Obama’s term, approximately 10,000 troops will stay. Take it to the bank, that’s what Americans were told, the war will be over in Afghanistan during Obama’s term. I guess that American bank will have to be bailed out again.

Further south the new war, another war our In The Position Congress just acquiesces to in horrible obeisance, flames and sputters with jet runs and missiles strikes against ISIS, refugees fleeing. Behind it all looms a vast drone assassination mechanism, so conveniently secret and again given a blank check by Congress.

Words scarcely can describe what a flaming pool of ultra-radioactive slag hot mess this erupting conflagration has become, and if you think that description is bad comprehension becomes really sick when trying to describe the competence and mental ability of the US elites—both civilian and military—in all this reeking failure.

The brilliant historian and writer Billmon wistfully harkened back to the Vietnam days of bumbling stupidity and arrogance, my God McNamara and Rusk seem like geniuses compared to the wandering fools pulling the triggers now.

It is a story in itself how all this failure and incompetence is so blithely accepted in the American political environment. The defense industry and contractors approve of endless war, the Republicans only want more of it and an embarrassed Democratic Party and base mutely hopes that somehow, someday all the violence will make things better.

We’re never going to win in Afghanistan, we needed to admit failure and completely leave a decade ago. This insane missile and jet foray into a huge arc of the Middle East against ISIS will never succeed and is a preposterously dangerous strategic and constitutional mistake. Our drone war is a disastrous failure of illegality and death. There is no end objective or date for any of this godawful failure.

As the great writer for Esquire Charles Pierce astutely noted the only possible explanation for Obama to continue Afghanistan is a pathetic political shield against our ranting regressive Republican cousins and their cohorts at CNN and Fox, admit failure and leave—even after 14 years!—and a Democratic President will be accused of giving up to the terrorists.

That’s it, just that slimy fearful cloak of political weakness, see, we don’t give up. Trillions of dollars, a national reputation in utter tatters, horrifying regression in ethics and legality, hundreds of thousands of deaths, terrible abdication of domestic duty, no end date, no one held responsible, all so we can’t be accused of being weak. Jesus Christ.

President Obama apologized to Doctors Without Borders for blowing up their hospital, an act that easily could have started another war had it been inflicted upon us.

He could have apologized to all of us for commanding an astoundingly stupid and inept military, since we’ve been vastly assured no direct malice could ever be the cause of blowing up that hospital.

Obama could have apologized for breaking his Afghanistan promise and failing to deliver precious peace, he could have apologized for starting the ISIS war with no possible end objective, he could have apologized for saddling Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders with an impossible legacy to inherit and somehow get elected on, but what we got were assurances of confidence as more of our people and citizens of the earth die and are maimed in a hellish cauldron of war.

I’m afraid that seems to be our prescription of reality moving forward well into the next Presidential term, with the Republicans in control of the House, an absurdly pliant and deferential journalism corps and an American public completely shielded in a fake peace from all the death any stupid excuse or weakness keeps the wars going, there simply isn’t any political force in the American political environment to stop it.

So far Sanders and Clinton have been silent on national security as the campaign evolves. Given the environmental factors stated previously, peace has an extremely small chance as the end result of the election.

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