Monday :: Mar 21, 2016

Letter From California

by paradox

03/21/16 0410.21 PST
San Jose, California

Good news from the greatest Republic the world has ever seen has come in steady waves of Pacific rain, the hills waving with hay, mighty federal Shasta already full in a vast reservoir system, the Sierras blanketed in a hugely comforting expanse of sludgy wet California snow.

The drought is over (teevee will insist it isn’t for a year, whatevs) but for Californians used to the rain cycles here this drought carried an extra twinge of worry from the climate change news. Is this drought, in fact, the beginning of the end, where our fruit orchards are wiped out in changing zones of heat and the Sierra snow is gone forever?

For this year in our time the answer appears to be No, a vastly comforting thought and psychology anchor for our people. It is taken so greatly for granted that our mountains will get snow in winter and that we are an amazing agricultural production center, so jarring and unsettling to see your world so basically changing into something possibly worse.

We have to stop blathering platitudes about climate change and starting using language to stop it, such as stop burning oil and begin the solar conversion. Our young people see the environment of all this and what we need to do to secure a biological future, it’s a crushing psychological blow and downer to realize it’s being taken from them right in real time.

Stop burning oil. Begin the solar conversion. Very soon if not now any other flapping words of how bad it all is will just be more useless verbiage from politicians hiding in denial, just as bad as the heinous fools who deny climate change exists. If nothing happens, what truly is the difference?

If climate change news is at least a temporary comforting element oy vey, this Democratic primary is interminably long in an awful fingernails-on-the-chalkboard evolution, why is this so incredibly long and so lacking in California input? Thanks for leaving us out.

Again. This is not the first set of latrines I have dug for this here calf-roping, just like the drought Californians simply wait and wait and wait for an answer, when we get it appropriate action will take place and the banishment of our pathetic, puny Republicans will commence with good energy.

What fools, don’t they read Digby? She’s told them a hundred times to look at California and see what bashing Latinos and immigrants will eventually get them, which is their political oblivion California is now so blessed with. Thank you, stupid Republican cousins, for digging your own grave so energetically this cycle, it’s going to pay off for liberals for a long time.

Anyway, I made my choice for the primary and then basically stayed out of it. For this my liberal friends have shunned me, what a lovely experience.

[shakes head] If I explained my choice in personal detail it would be instantly obvious to all, and even the most fervent Bernie Bro would immediately agree to the sense of it. What can I do? Fervently devote months of frenetic keyboard energy and real money for an insurgent candidate that in my educated, experienced view would lose? I’ve done that before, it was a manifestly messed up experience.

I don’t exactly have vast amounts of mental energy and money and positivity to pull that off, we all have our limitations. I simply have to accept political results like all Californians, withdrawal from duty and process isn’t an option.

Democrats dominate the legislature and Jerry Brown is in his fourth term, yet with millions of hungry kids, terrible unemployment and higher public education gone, what are we doing? Building a train.

[opens hands] You learn to accept what the environment shoves at you and do the best with it. Staying with principle will pay off for our little people some day, in many ways. At least the Democrats in Sacramento aren’t actively smashing us backwards.

If I would say one thing about it all it would be to Secretary Clinton and her advisors, I fervently hope the 2016 primary process has smashed home the disastrous Democratic politician tactic of triangulation, or detachment, if you will.

President Clinton was renowned for setting up the conservative position, then the liberal, and then torpedoing the liberal element for an alleged triangular spot of superiority. President Obama chose detachment from liberalism, he could work with the Republicans and be above the gritty liberal fray.

What a godawful disaster both choices have been, it’s enraged and discouraged the liberal base, cemented the public view of Democrats as wandering weenies to principle, gleefully motivated the conservatives who rightly perceived the weakness, and was a terrible beacon of leadership for our young people.

Please don’t make a choice for political calculation that deliberately hurts liberalism, it’s a disaster for Party and country. We need every single liberal vote for the 2016 general.

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