Saturday :: Jul 2, 2016

If Hillary Clinton Had Illegally Solicited Foreign Politicians….

by paradox

Cruising my Twitter feed this morning I came across the interesting statement that the Republican nomination of Donald Trump represents a general, totalistic diagnosis of the United States, just his very existence means an extreme, alarming sickness is upon the entire Republic, the place has officially gone to hell.

Well, yes and no. Certainly beyond all doubt Donald Trump represents outright total regression of the Republican Party, they made their choices to obdurately obstruct (instead of building something, anything), to racially exploit and incite (instead of healing for a real inclusive future) and most disastrously set up a vivid, deafening media echo chamber, the truth now completely alludes them, the Republicans now a wandering, stupid Party led by an intellectual, lying banana slug.

For the country as a whole, though, no, I don’t think just the nomination of Trump means we’re doomed to failure. Just the fact one is reading this is a radical, tremendous leap forward with amazing potential still, there are vast areas of hope in solar energy, and one can accurately look at the implosion of the Republican Party as a rightful rejection of their stupid, lying, authoritarian repression, God the country wants nothing of their hollow greedy perverted meanness.

There are other variables of optimism, of course, but after yesterday morning all significantly dimmed after watching the disgusting, vapid pack attack on our esteemed and respected Attorney General Loretta

As a Republic we desperately need a professional media to accurately convey the truth and when it comes to the Clintons our media cousins are still the same stupid, infuriating, obnoxious buffoons of idiocy they were 16 years ago, my god, they have learned nothing and still are ridiculously clueless in the awful spectacle of gory regression.

Very humorous in its base absurdity, yes, but these media idiots still yield vast attention power, how they perform still matters a great deal. Oy we are in trouble as a country with these media morons still mentally masturbating about how they can take down the Clintons, I’m afraid that’s very much the truth.

To briefly recap, Bill Clinton had a brief personal impromptu chat with Attorney General Lynch at an airport. In a beyond-ridiculous conflation of mental sickness our media dogs then decided this was a vicious, searing conspiracy detrimental to the health of the Republic, conspiracy to cover up Madame Clinton’s allegedly nefarious use of an email server.

That stupid, ridiculous story of outright hounding obsession is bad enough, but to then watch our media cousins so stupidly, rabidly take off in a baying pack of we’ve got something on the Clintons, we’ve got something on the Clintons with Loretta Lynch! was beyond disgusting, it’s an outright sign of troubling regression that bodes darkly upon the future health of the Republic, oy vey.

This, my stalwart fellow citizens, this on the very same day it’s been revealed that the Trump campaign has been illegally, embarrassingly and stupidly soliciting elected foreign leaders, my god, for cash.

One can only imagine the orgasmic glee at the New York Times offices should Hillary Clinton pulled such an illegal disgusting stunt, they would instantly lead the way out of hounding her out of the race, not an exaggeration at all after yesterday, a relentless daily pounding into oblivion, you embarrassing illegal Clinton person, you!

No doubt. Yet our regressive media cousins ignored that amazing Trump story, just as they basically ignore the Trump University story. Again, ask yourself what CNN would do if Hillary Clinton had set up a sham shark University, the coverage would be non-stop for months until they obliterated her, of that there is no doubt either.

New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Fox, absolutely no one has forgotten the absolutely sick persecution of Bill Clinton in the 1990’s, the absurd impeachment, Citizens United, Ken Star and all the rest of the regression that eventually led to the election of the worst of all time, George W Bush.

It is amazing, our media cousins walk around with no memory, the past and their behavior means nothing to them, really. They were complete obnoxious idiots with the Clintons 16 years ago and after yesterday it’s empirically obvious they’re still the same stupid, obnoxious charlatans of truth they’ve always been. Way to go on the growth curve, guys.

This election, however, the truly evil specter of Donald Trumps looms upon us all. Grow up fast, American media, help foist this idiot upon the country and we every well may not survive as a Republic, it is that serious.

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