Wednesday :: Nov 9, 2016

Thanks for Everything

by Steve

This blog started back in 2003 at the time George W. Bush launched his illegal war on Iraq, at a time when I had serious concerns about the direction of this country and about the integrity of the administration running the country. Through some personal and professional ups and downs over the years, Mary, Paradox, and I have kept the blog up and running, blessed with a group of periodic contributors who collectively shared a conviction that the electorate, provided with the facts would eventually make the right decisions.

Speaking for myself, that conviction ended yesterday, and so with it ended this American experiment.

Thirty years of post-Reagan America have led to a corporate controlled conservative media, a government largely financed and controlled by a small group of oligarchs committed to anti-democratic control of the federal government to feather their personal fortunes. And it has also led to a generation or more of a white America, college educated and non-college educated, that is dumber, more easily manipulated, and yes, more racist and sexist than it was decades ago. This same white America has been lied to for years by Republican politicians, who tell them repeatedly that tax cuts for wealthy people will help Main Street, who tell them that people not like them are to blame for their economic misery, and who tell them that one political family, and particularly “that bitch” is the root of all evil.

And with that combustible mix of white grievance politics, racism, sexism, ignorance, outright hatred, and corporate control of our government and media, along came a carnival barker speaking their language, making extreme views and prejudices mainstream, who thought being Commander-in-Chief was like being a scam-selling CEO, when all he really wanted was to improve his branding, poke a finger in the eye of the political establishment, and show everyone how great he could be at their game. Except that one political party, the media, the FBI, and yes the Clinton campaign enabled him to not only get the nomination but then to actually win the Electoral College. Yes, millions of good people, working class and middle class, almost all white, disliked and even hated Hillary Clinton based on what their media told them about her for two decades. And those millions had their chance to vent that anger and hatred in the most effective way possible by voting against her, and did so.

So now the white American electorate, college and non-college educated, angry at the wrong people when they should be looking in the mirror, has placed this ignorant, racist, tax-avoiding, misogynistic, failed businessman into that Commander in Chief’s seat, and thereby has also allowed the Koch Brothers directly into the Oval Office through his vice president. As a result, Corporate America and its anti-civil and consumer rights agenda will control the Supreme Court for another generation, while this country transitions from being the leader of the free world into being an appeaser of Vladimir Putin, less safe at home from Islamic extremism, more divided and tense than ever before, and now poisoning the planet at accelerated rates. This is what that angry white America will now leave their children, and all of them own what is about to come.

And ask why the banking sector, the defense industrial complex, and energy/coal company stocks went up today. While you are at it, ask yourself if rural America will see the return of thousands of jobs during the next four years while the oligarchs and hedge fund owners get their tax cuts. You already know the answer.

My uncles all barely survived World War II, and my father survived Korea, and none of them would believe that a draft-deferring playboy who denigrates the military while bamboozling veterans could ever sit in the same seat as General Eisenhower. But here we are, seeing Vladimir Putin already calling in his investment this morning and seeking a meeting with his controlled asset before he is even sworn in.

As someone who has loved politics and policy for most of my adult life, and now sees what this ill-informed white electorate willingly did to the country yesterday, I can’t stomach the next four years, nor will I. I’m checking out because life is too short. I’ll let my white Republican friends gloat over slaying the Clinton family, but the GOP and everyone who voted for Trump is now fully responsible for what happens next; they must wear this. They’ll be no more blaming others, brown people, women, and the Clintons for your own mistakes. Actions have consequences, and the corporate elite, white America, and the Republican Party are to blame for what is to come.

As for me, my deepest thanks to all of you who have read this blog and supported our efforts over the years. May God be with you and your families, and our once-great country.

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