Wednesday :: Jun 21, 2017

Message to Dems: Stop Losing

by Steve

According to the media today, Democrats are despondent and in a circular firing squad over their pair of losses in last night’s special congressional elections in Georgia and South Carolina. They should be, because the mistakes were self-inflicted. The truth is that resources and money were sent to the wrong race last night, and it shows the difference between hope and intelligence.

Why would the party think that Jon Ossoff, a guy initially funded by a left wing blog and who looks like the young carpet bagging transplant he is be able to compete against a far right GOP political hack who at least looked like a suburban mom from the district?

And why didn’t the party instead fund the candidate, Archie Parnell, who actually came close and could have beaten his opponent because he looked like the native he was, and didn't take himself too seriously?

Until Democrats get smart about who they are running in these districts, and stop letting the base import its flavor of the month into races against GOP candidates who at least look like they came from that district, Democrats will continue to be the minority party in the House. Simply put, recruit people of integrity from within the district who can do well in crowds and on TV speaking about issues that matter in that district. And stop running clay pigeons.

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