Saturday :: Nov 4, 2017

About That President Orrin Hatch Thing

by paradox

Hang around Twitter or political social media long enough and one soon encounters or hears of Russian scandal watchers, for want of a better term. Almost obsessed with any news or development of the unfolding horror show they know all about it, convinced this is an epic moment of American history they’re not going to miss.

Certainly nothing wrong it, and at this point there is ample good evidence to demonstrate they’re completely correct. A huge percentage just intently watch and listen, but many are on social media screaming the total alarm Election 2016 was criminal, a felon Russian tool is now President. Here, too there is ample good evidence we are in a real nuclear hot mess, it becomes clearer every day that is our American reality.

They game it out, right, unpack the scenarios long enough and the output is President Orrin Hatch. [chuckles] I have a degree in political science and fairly fit the definition of junkie, yet I’m positive my reaction was identical to 98% of the souls reading this: whaaaaaaaat?

One most understand in the Big Russian Game treasonous Russian crime against the Republic becomes a total accepted reality, anyone with any remote connection that made the President of the United States an idiot Russian tool is now, if not a criminal themselves, a complete political pariah at least headed for resignation, fortunate indeed to escape prosecution.

I was dimly aware that the Speaker of the House was high up in the Presidential line of succession, turns out he’s third behind Pence, but clueless who was fourth, it’s the President pro tempore of the Senate, Orrin Hatch, that prissy pickled Republican from Utah.

In the Big Russian Game Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, is completely compromised and gonzo into political oblivion by 2019. It’s obvious even now Ryan knows something with his creepy omerta orders of Russian silence, and he’s languidly allowed the House Russian investigation to be an embarrassing clown show.

[opens hands] Please bear with me for the amusing unreality of it all, in the past I’d write it all off fantasy mental trash, pretty harmless, but come on. Donald Trump is now President of the United States, however, so reality has empirically shown us anything can happen.

The first surreal hurdle of acceptance in the Big Russian Game is the given impeachment/resignation of Trump and Pence, even before the political expulsion of Ryan. Heh. As Digby wrote yesterday, theory is nice but there is a long, long way to go to arrive at that eventual reality.

Impeachment is never, ever happening in the current House Republican majority makeup, those squirrelly gerrymandered political punks are never accepting responsibility for what Trump did, there is 100% political certainty of that, at least.

As Digby noted those billionaire-guy impeachment commercials on teevee are so charmingly amusing, political awareness for removing the felons Trump and Pence can only be a good thing, but look, dude, we need the House for impeachment, we don’t have it, right, so include a reminder to register and vote in the next batch, that’s all.

Moving along in this happy political fantasy the criminal political pressure becomes too much for Trump, Pence and Ryan in 2018 so even before the midterm election they resign, the only one free of any Russian taint is Orrin Hatch. Heh.

Okay, man. Another meander of political fantasy is found in a holy Democratic wave for Election 2018 that wipes out the House Republican majority, Nancy Pelosi becomes the impeachment trigger with Trump and Pence still pathetically holding on.

If you want to be wrong try predicting the future, just ask those hoser pollsters from election 2016, oy, but still, do I see Speaker Pelosi making up an impeachment committee in 2019? No.

She had the opportunity in 2006 but passed, if ever there was a glaring need and example for impeachable offenses it was the Presidency of Bush, but Pelosi feared the intense backlash charge it would be payback for impeaching Clinton.
Impeachment is so messy, so completely consuming, so much of a terrible intense fight against Republican fanatics in a media environment so completely in their hands. Democrats are supposed to be calm builders of good social tools, not partisan fighters.

Pelosi is technically, primarily a House representative. In these amazing times of Russian crimes is she really supposed to behead the Executive branch of Trump and Pence and somehow hope for the best in the clumsy succession they set up? Pelosi could never impeach to get rid of them both to put herself in the succession slot and become President herself, please.

Right now as Minority Leader she does as she will do if Speaker, lay politically low as possible and pray turn of events somehow removes Trump and Pence through resignation. Even if she fervently wanted to impeach the media environment and clunky House functionality would likely stop her. I would not condemn any of her choices in this impossible situation.

If indeed Pelosi doesn’t pull the trigger with Trump, Pence and Ryan flaming so spectacularly out they can’t even set up succession and somehow bypass herself in the process then, well, President Orrin Hatch is what we get. Ah, well, yes, we shall see.

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