Saturday :: Nov 18, 2017

Looking for a Postcard Campaign in California

by paradox

It’s been on my mind to start a series of letters to prominent Democratic politicians to let them know Election 2018 is a very special election, certainly the most important midterm I will ever see in my lifetime. If there is ever to be a way out of this Trump catastrophe it must have a beginning in Election 2018, and for that we need a massive unprecedented turnout.

It’s always a lousy idea to go to the chain of command demanding change without offering a solution, and here I have reached a serious conundrum, for my activism skills aren’t in solicitation. I could never walk a precinct or work a phone bank to get out the vote, I think it’s an appalling intrusion of privacy, hey I know it’s just me, but still I could never do it, I’m not that sort of person.

I do know three neighbors I can leave voter registration forms, it’s something. Middle of summer they started giving me vegetables from their garden, so I automatically rolled one as a pleased gift in return. They were so giddily, giggly happy about it every time I go the dispensary I roll one for them, what’s wrong with spreading happiness in this world? They don’t strike me as voters, I don’t know, but I can leave three registrations form for them without being rude.

But still it’s only three forms, I can’t write Adam Schiff and desperately plead for Party energy, organization and media campaigns to get out the vote when I’ve done so little myself. But then I remembered a Virginia postcard campaign from a Daily Kos story this summer, now that I can do, write and mail 1,000 postcards for Election 2018 turnout, yeah.

But where to start? I don’t mind a California list, of course not, but it might not be a bad idea to mail a purple or red state, or even a specific race somewhere. I suppose I could get a resident list from my local registrar of voters, I think I could get a Party ID from it, certainly no need to remind the Republicans to vote.

That was my main question with that Daily Kos postcard campaign story, in fact, I didn’t get an answer, where did the list of voters to mail postcards come from? Was it targeted in any way? Whatever, if you’re running a postcard campaign for Election 2018 contact me to sign me up, and if I don’t find or hear of one I’ll have to get a mailing list together myself somehow and get going.

If I could somehow place myself in space and be able to penetrate every house in America with a scream of get out the vote! get out the vote! I would, it’s that critically important.

We’ve lost our Democracy, used to be the oldest and most vibrant the world has ever seen. The President is a money-laundering felon who criminally conspired with the Russians to throw Election 2018, now this Putin tool flagrantly lies about it and wants to imprison Hillary Clinton.

There’s no way to stop this catastrophic nightmare with the Republicans controlling Congress, none, the only way is vote them out in Election 2018.

For a start, just the merest beginning, only Congress can in theory be brought back to Democracy next year. Many are sure Trump will never make it through his term, fine with me, it still doesn’t mean the Democracy is restored until a Democrat wins the White House in 2020.

Then for the next three terms, that is the goal of our wave, nothing less, with four consecutive Democratic Executive terms the Judicial branch can finally be restored. A congress that works, a President who isn’t a felon, a judicial branch that isn’t crooked, hey we got a country here.

A long, long way to go to get back, but by God and holy Jesus in the manger with the freaking three wise men I’m writing those postcards, my god, the United States of America held up by the Chinese as Democracy failure! Are you kidding me!

I will do my part, my email address is in my Daily Kos profile, contact me if you’ve got a postcard campaign, hell I’ll start one myself if I have to, and then I will write our Party leadership to shout at them to get out the vote.

It’s like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, right, it’s not up to us to decide the incredibly effed up times we live in, we have to do the best we can with what’s given us. For 2018 that means get out the vote! Get out the vote!

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