Saturday :: Mar 31, 2018

The Only Answer is the American Democracy

by paradox

I chatted briefly last week with a Twitter acquaintance I greatly admire, a single mother who is the epitome of spunk and defiance, who was initially disgusted with Jimmy Carter for saying impeachment of Trump shouldn’t be a Democratic Party priority.

I reminded her that just 12 years ago everything was perfectly in place for impeachment, many obvious Bush & Cheney crimes of monstrous magnitude were rankly right there in the open, but Nancy Pelosi declined. Why is that?

A multifaceted answer, but even if Pelosi was confident of a Senate conviction what’s the Executive replacement? It’s a total unknown, not exactly a reassuring answer for a public servant contemplating a Herculean political task that does nothing for running the country.

If the blessed day of Democratic Party recapture of the House occurs this Fall we’ll be in precisely the same lousy American predicament, a mechanism for Executive removal with no democratic election for replacement. This is not to say at all impeachment is powerless or futile, it’s just one of the reasons Pelosi didn’t use it and why Carter isn’t impressed.

Personally I think passing on impeaching Bush was a grave error. Irrespective of the gross immediate injustice it continued the appalling American trend of political and business elite unaccountability. Nixon skated, Bush and Cheney waltzed, Wall Street had a party after we bailed them out.

Hypotheticals can be fun, gritty acceptance of present reality totally necessary, we are in at least a four year window of Democratic catastrophe, the only way out will be a Democratic Party victory for President in 2020.

The instant absolute screaming priority today is to recapture at least the House in 2018, of course, but even if the Democrats take Congress the catastrophe will still be with us, the Republican Party has completely degraded to a gang of lying crooks, gropers, pedophiles and wife beaters, it’s all good to them, no one trusts any hypothetical Republican Trump replacement to be remotely competent or credible. We’re stuck in a terrible place.

Speaking of wretched tear-inducing spaces, take a look at the national voter participation rate for 2016, omg 55%. There are many elements that hurled us into our current political catastrophe, one of the greatest American little people indifference and complacency to societal elements totally indifferent to them.

The long answer to how we got here is irrelevant, immediate change screamingly necessary, if the only answer is to win elections and nearly half our people aren’t voting Jesus Mary & Joseph get out the vote! Attract and commit to the non-voters, our country to take back is right there only if we have the will and means to represent them!

Madame Representative Pelosi, I’m impressed with your stated abilities to be a shrewd legislator, yes. I’d be a lot more impressed with your claims to get our participation rate up, if I could find any. Same to you, Lady Senator Harris, we’re all Californians here, it’s all good, you tweet well but I see nothing about Saturday voting or same-day registration. Hmmm.

Whatever, respectfully, there are things I can and must do in my way, today, for the House and the country in 2018. I take care and help my writer and activist people on the web, just as I have for 16 years. Emily’s list has a precise goal of registering voters, I helped them. If anyone knows of an organization precisely goaled for registering voters please mail me, I will help.

I’m all set for my little postcard campaign, classy postcards with new Sharpies’n everything, but I’m staying totally out of the primary scene, I’m still waiting to get going with that. I will help in upcoming House races.

Speaking of which, you, Devin Nunnes CA-22, get your Bakersfield white boy buttocks over here, it’s time for a little reality chat.

Markos Moulitsas and I are political acquaintances only, we’ve never even spoken, yet I know with every atom in my body he’s going to help in CA-22 this year too. Time was we were content with a few California Valley Republican outliers, it was enough to smash the Republicans statewide and live in one of the best national liberal enclaves of the Bay Area.

No longer, you traitor-enabling lying hide-in-the-bushes butthead, how dare you call yourself a Californian! The only answer out of our current catastrophe is to sustain the Democracy, a real start will happen 2018 CA-22, I’ve got friends, Markos has friends, it will become a national—not just Californian—political goal to vote your Russian ass out.

Impeachment and replacing the catastrophe of our President will have to wait its day. For now doing everything we can to get the participation rate up and taking at least the House 2018 is our only goal.

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