Sunday :: Jul 8, 2018

Frightening Republican Capitulation

by paradox

One of the last remaining alleged pillars of Republican conservatism—unsullied by hypocrisy, implacable in its unity, righteous in its results—was free trade. Incredibly endorsed by economists of all types and enriching American corporations, the pillar of free trade also so conveniently hooked into the unrestrained ability to exploit labor, to pollute with no inhibition, and to extract from the Earth with impunity.

Incredibly, Donald Trump has smashed this mainstay of Republican ideology in just a few weeks, it lies in complete ruins as the Canadians and Chinese ruthlessly retaliate to Trump’s manic stupidity.

Just another headstone in a woeful wander of the Republican political value cemetery. Family values—heh. Responsible deficit-free fiscal spending, so dead. Christian humility, oh my god. Basic American values like honesty, fairness, democratic elections, free press, compassion for children, all in coffins.

How this revolting American de-evolution occurred is very soon to be on display again, for it’s tradeoff time, that sickening evolution of handing over any integrity of political self to deliver on one of the holiest of Republican political grails, the conservative Supreme Court nomination.

Never mind paying off Stormy Daniels, never mind the wanton corruption, never mind the rampant lying, never mind knifing the Canadians, never mind the nepotism, never mind undermining NATO, never mind ignoring Election 2016 criminal intervention, never mind the ongoing criminal investigation of the President himself in throwing that election with help from the Russians, throw away anything and everything we’ve ever stood for to deliver that Justice!

The eventual nominee will of course be a nutjob crank like the slithering enablers who voted in the fascist Trump travel ban. While patriotic, upright American citizens honestly doing the best they can get lectures about politeness and civility. Oh man.

Making it much worse is an acid creeping fear that in real time we are watching American 21st century fascism grow ever stronger, the Republican Party is obliterating itself and everything it stood for to rally and coalesce around the One Leader. If they’re willing to go this far so fast, what could happen if they gain congressional seats in Election 2018?

That’s how frighteningly close we are to the precipice of going over the edge to becoming a completely failed Democratic nation-state. Look at the Republicans and free trade, if they gain Congressional seats in Election 2018 the Republicans will betray any American value under Trump.

Even now Trump does everything possible to deny Americans healthcare and hurt us all with tariffs, in the past these acts to total dismay and destruction would of course be rightfully considered acts of political suicide, but somehow the Republicans march relentlessly on, oblivious to the horrifying historical fascist analogies of enabling.

It would not be difficult for the Republican Senate to put at least a partial stop to all the insanity. If in fact free trade is a pillar of Republican ideology and a crucially important component of American economy defend it, stop the Trump tariffs, be the Americans you purport to be every morning.

Do it, forget about a legislative solution that would take too long, use the leverage of the Supreme Court nomination to stop all tariffs and any idea of an insane trade war. All it would take is 4—at maximum, possibly 2—Republican Senators to unify and go to Trump with the simplest of ultimatums: drop all tariffs and the trade war or your Supreme Court nomination is gone, we’ll side with the Democrats and kill it.

Pathetically, this is strongly forecast not to happen. Of course Trump would instantly fold, when bullies know they’re truly beat or could be they instantly drop the bluster and move on, nothing to see here. Naturally anybody else but Trump would feel political humiliation, but that lying narcissist will move on in a day, hey he has with countless other daily humiliations in the past.

But the creeping slide of American fascism must go on, watch Americans get horribly sick and die early, see them lose their jobs and careers, observe as our friends and allies sneer and spit at us, do anything to get another crank Republican ideologue on the Supreme Court, oblivious to the fear and horror of the rest of Americans looking on.

Governors and your Secretaries of State, do everything humanly possible to make sure your voting systems are safe, functional and secure. Facebook and Twitter, for the love of anything and everything that ever allowed you to exist, god, get the propaganda filth out of your networks.

The rest of us, vote, canvass, phone bank, donate, write, network, volunteer in a 100 different ways for Election 2018, the Republicans can only enable the Trump fascism now.

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