Saturday :: Feb 2, 2019

Impeachment Was a Worthy Idea, Anyway

by paradox

Political theorists and democratic officials globally have been watching the United States with a fixated, morbid fascination, for how does the world’s oldest democracy react when a criminal Russian plant hijacks the Presidency and commits felonies and treasonous behavior on a weekly basis?

25 months into it the record is decidedly mixed for the democracy score, the question of whether Trump can be removed and democracy successfully restored unsurprisingly murky.

Classically the party in power that spawned the fascist usurper has totally failed. The Republican Party used a number rationalizations—we can use him for what we want and the liberals hate him with a frothy fury the biggest two—to enable and tolerate him, democracy, the truth and the rule of law ruthlessly, tragically shattered.

Not only have the Republicans enabled their pet fascist, in this unique 2019 American political horror show they’ve been captured by the very foreign power their little despot was ensnared with. There is no other conclusion after the mind-boggling lifting of sanctions for that Russian aluminum oligarch last week, the Republican Party is completely off the rails into authoritarian fascism and crony criminal pay-off capitalism.

Not surprisingly with the truth, too, their President lies like he breathes and they can’t admit to themselves what they’ve become or what’s in store for them. As long as the Republican Party remains captured by fascism and Russian oligarch campaign money the American democracy remains is grave danger.

The American journalism corps, after failing so spectacularly in the Russian-smashed 2016 election, has not surprisingly continued to fail in its manifestly exasperating stupidity and enabling. They rack up Trump’s lies like hay bales, day after day, oblivious to how pathetic they appear as Trump ruthlessly lies to them every day anyway.

The American propaganda arm of Fox News relentlessly smashes the truth while American journalism coddles and enables the squatting fascist. Corporate American journalism is powerless to stop Trump, cannot plainly identify him for what he is or even respond to their identification as Enemies of the People.

Their bounding fascination with that ridiculous Starbucks political wannabe was a morbidly disgusting recent example. He doesn’t vote, is clueless on any level of process, hates liberal principles and bleats both sides are to blame for American problems, of course the rancid American journalism corps treated him like Political Jesus.

The American journalism corps is still corporate, learned nothing from the horror of election 2016 and still bounds after irrelevancy, distraction and stupidity like of bunch of braying dogs, practically useless in even their core mission of delivering the truth. As long as the America journalism corps remains mired in its corporate obsequiousness American democracy remains in grave danger.

The brightest beam of hope in this horrifying new Russian-Anglo 21st century flavor of fascism is the American opposition Party behavior, the Democrats, for although their record is unsurprisingly mixed they’ve racked up enough wins to offer a real way out of our Russian nightmare.

When Putin and Trump cheated the election and took the Presidency Trump still could not dismantle the American federal democracy system, and although the Democrats narrowly lost a few seats in the stupid American political appendix of the Senate they roared back to a smashing win in the House, granting the Speakership to Nancy Pelosi.

In her hands is the choice to initiate the codified remedy for removing Putin’s asset, impeachment, where the obvious answer from Pelosi is No. If in fact Pelosi and the Democrats were serious about impeachment the committee would have been worked up already and in place, there’s nothing but this hazy concept of future hearings to somehow hold Trump accountable.

Hopefully the flaccid, fatuous rationalization of waiting for Mueller will be dropped and the plain admission of impeachment failure acknowledged, for two very good reasons: Senate and US journalism failure.

A Republican Senate that sickeningly grovels to a Russian aluminum oligarch will never, ever acknowledge the truth and convict Trump. A hounding, ruthlessly stupid American journalism corps that treated poor felon Roger Stone like a heinously wounded American cannot be trusted to deliver a narrative of truth for impeachment.

2020 is an election year, there cannot be impeachment integrity in that scenario, the braying calls of election influence would ruin it. If in fact Mueller someday totally shows the obvious truth of a cheated election what about all the other totally legitimate impeachment paths (emolument clause, 1st Amendment, obstruction of justice), now they’re suddenly relevant? Please.

Given a terrible environment what Pelosi is hoping for is that Trump and events crush and dispose of him without impeachment. Trump has trapped himself again over The Wall and Pelosi will ruthlessly crush him again if he’s so stupid to try yet again. It’s totally within the realm of possibility Trump resigns or is forced out in ways we just cannot see yet. We’re tumbling in an abyss of unknowns and anything could happen.

Still, passing on impeachment remains a serious political error, an appalling failure of process leading to a conclusion of weak political and moral fiber, fear of media lying and general sheepish obsequiousness. It could very well be impeachment hearings and the record trigger a Trump resignation, but we’ll never know since the opportunity was passed.

Is this error enough to imperil American democracy for the future? We can’t know that answer until at least 2024. Nancy Pelosi is not responsible for this flaming mess from hell and her non-impeachment path could very well be the ultimate correct one despite all the lost opportunity, everyone makes mistakes. Democratic base loyalty to Pelosi’s truth, patriotism, integrity, duty and principles will never, ever waver.

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