Thursday :: Mar 7, 2019

There is No Secretary of Defense

by paradox

If there has ever been a value or political credo clung to more fiercely by a political Party one could hardly find a more fervent example than defense/national security and the US Republican Party. Republicans are classic authoritarians, it isn’t surprising they’d want the projection and mantle of physical force/violence, coercion, patriarchy, and fear.

The United States defense budget is a bloated, wrecked whale of horrendous waste, graft and overkill but Republicans always want more. Along with the grim knowledge the US security apparatus can employ any surveillance on any citizen for any reason, weary Americans can now look forward to the brightening of their lives and progression of the nation with a shiny new Space Force.

Yet in the presidency of our Russian asset this fierce political value of security, strength and action while those weenie liberal tree-huggers let America down has, incredibly, flown out the window along with any previously stated Republican value. In this very moment two horrendous US security breaches exist in the personas of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and there is no Secretary of Defense.

The evolution of that furtive greedy squirrel Kushner is particularly galling, for if there’s anything The Athoriteh ruthlessly slams home in American existence is that you follow the rules. Kushner is a base security risk and he knows it, so he lied repeatedly on clearance forms in multiple submissions and then still was granted a clearance.

Hundreds of thousands of American patriots stuffed mouths with fists in silent screams, high-security forms are an absolute nightmare of arcane invasive personal knowledge, make a mistake and you’re gone, lie and you’ll be prosecuted. Many clearances are rejected for no apparent reason and Americans have to hire an attorney to finally get it.

We’ve got a criminal President now, rules are for those little people suckers. Rules are for Hillary Clinton, who got ruthlessly persecuted for ridiculous server admin issues, not for the two flaming security breaches in Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

A Republican Senator said Trump’s payoffs for sex were an expression of love and family yesterday, since the secret kept others from being harmed. Just like anything else in the insanity of lying Republican politics, now we have believe the security breaches of Kushner and Trump are just fine and dandy, of course.

Another glaring security hole is the absence of a Secretary of Defense, there hasn’t been one since Trump fired James Mattis, nor will there be one for the remainder of Trump’s term. No one will take this job after the vicious humiliating clowning Mattis had to endure, and that Russian asset President Trump of course doesn’t care, just one less government task to fail at.

Of course the Department of Defense needs competent administration, but Secretary of Defense was always seen as a critical defense and security link in the American chain of command, it’s unthinkable the post would remain unfilled for years but here we are.

The President intellectually is a childish moron, and there’s no doubt he cheated the election and is a Putin asset. Two flagrant security breaches infest the upper echelons of the White House and there is no Secretary of Defense, somehow this is supposed to be normal and okay?

At least Dana Milbank glanced over the issue with his Washington Post column today, but completely glossed over the horrendous security implications. Incredibly the Washington DC journalism corps just blithely accepts the terrible security stance now inflicted upon us, we’ve got a criminal President and no Secretary of Defense, just another day, just another column.

DC journalism failure is a routine occurrence, but Republican Party failure to uphold defense and security truly is shocking. The truth, family values, democracy, environment, education, separation of powers, none of that meant a damn when tested against the fascism of Trump, but to see them abandon defense and security is a frightening example of how far humans will regress to blindly follow emerging fascism.

Michael Cohen is an intellectual punk with no sociology or political science education, so his prediction that Trump would not leave office even if he was democratically voted out holds little serious value, yet for some reason he still felt it was necessary to say and warn about.

Perhaps he completely knows that Trump is a criminal cheat and Russian asset, who will stop at nothing to giving up power to a liberal in 2021 if Putin orders it so. Given the hideous abdication to values and principles the Republican Party has shown under Trump they’d likely accept that too.

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