Saturday :: Mar 9, 2019

Welcome to the Abyss

by paradox

One of the greatest fears for many Americans is unemployment, not necessarily that they’ll never work again after losing a job, what frightens them is the precipice of black unknown uncertainty, lose your job and with enough time terrible forces totally beyond your control will tumble your life into the abyss and smash it on the way down.

Maybe parts of it will be recognizable when the descent finally stops, maybe things will be obliterated beyond recognition. It’s that terrible certainty and fear that whatever happens it will not be good, likely catastrophic. Unfortunately many of us have been cast into the abyss in our life of American bliss, it’s a terrible event in multiple dimensions, truly frightening and appalling to watch it happen on a national scale with our country.

That’s what’s happened to the United States, we’ve lost the Presidency to a career criminal and con man, never has the country ever seen anything like this scope of crime, lying and national security breaches in the worst Presidency ever inflicted upon our people. Kristos, the crimes reach into the very pillars of American democracy, Trump cheated the 2016 election with the Russians.

It’s beginning to dawn upon more and more citizens that United States leadership has careened completely out of control. In just the last week the President was manipulated with childish ease by a two-bit dictator who is never giving up his nuclear weapons, catastrophic national security breaches have occurred at the highest levels in the White House, and yet again Putin’s asset was enabled by the Republican Party with the atrocious national emergency fascist power grab.

Multiple major cabinet positions remain unfilled with no plans to have them functional again. Trump could not make it one day in office without being a felon, seriously, the inauguration is now under investigation, and someday Robert Mueller is going to file that report…

Yet somehow, incredibly, in all this failure, lying, crime and mayhem Donald Trump has the gall and chutzpah to lie and spout fantasy yesterday like an unstoppable EverReady bunny of bullshit, Democrats have an anti-Semitism problem, he’d be so disappointed if North Korea kept making a complete ass of him, there was no collusion, no collusion, no collusion demonstrated in the sentencing of his campaign manager.

The realization of crazy careening creeps upon so many because our dysfunctional journalism corps continues to cover and enable Trump, two weekends ago the corps went berserk over a false accusation charge in a disturbing evolution of distraction, and last weekend just completely ignored what hundreds of thousands of credible citizens view as a psychotic, dementia event of the President, his dismaying two hour rambling speech at APAC.

Even before he started was that sickening desecration of the American flag, citizens have the right to their own perceptions, but no active duty member or veteran of the United States military would ever do that, not one. No one even bothered to check with Gavin Newsome on Trump’s fantasy that he’d called, it was instantly known as a ridiculous lie.

Yet, amazingly, the screaming conclusion that Trump is delusional and prone to rambling fantasy was completely glossed over by the US journalism corps. What many of them did instead was cluck at Democrats for refusing to allow that rank propaganda network Fox News to host Party presidential primary debates.

Fox News is a huge reason we find ourselves in this horrifying abyss tumble, many have stated the United States will never be a functional democracy again until that lying, baiting, snarling entity of propaganda hate is driven from us. For American journalists to completely miss the glaring danger of Fox News, to ignore their own continuing failures in enabling Trump, and then have the galactic arrogance to lecture the Democratic Party, oy! Talk about chutzpah.

At least in this dark human descent into smashing catastrophe there is the faintest glimmer of hope in an ending, finally, in 2021 with the swearing in of a Democratic President and Senate Democratic majority. Trump cannot be impeached, he is a sick psychotic criminal who cannot be shamed, nothing will make him leave except losing the election.

22 months to go, it’s something, usually the abyss offers nothing for an ending answer. Hope springs too from the 2018 election, remember many had written off American democracy if the Democrats did not take the House, the country can respond well in 2020 too.

Until then helplessly watch the country degrade and take blows until that bottom, if it’s there. Stay positively engaged, forgive the mistakes our Democratic Party brothers and sisters, defend the truth and do everything possible to elect Democrats in 2020, perhaps then all the horrifying tumble of failure will stop.

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