Friday :: Sep 27, 2019

Now, Don’t Make Any Trouble

by paradox

I was amused yesterday to see Pelosi defenders bring back her infamous “self-impeaching” phrase as a wise far-seeing prophesy of sterling leadership, a dig at Pelosi’s critics that see, she did know the future, she just waited and Trump did it for her.

“I didn’t change my mind,” she said of the new course of impeaching Trump, “the situation changed.”

[rolls eyes] Pelosi did change her mind, for of course the situation and facts changed, absolutely nothing wrong or improper with choosing a new tactic when the environment shifts. She’s defensive because one could make the charge she can’t be mentally consistent but that’s starkly ridiculous given the new Ukraine revelations, whatever, Nancy, you changed your mind but didn’t. Leadership.

Sure it’s a tiny semantic thing but after nearly 3 years of Trump flinging lies, distortions, fantasies and filth I expect Democratic leadership to have a firm grasp of reality and not make absurd announcements so blatantly at odds with the basic truth. Go figure.

One might feel a sense of surprise that I’m not grateful to Pelosi for finally seeing the obvious in impeaching Trump, believe me I am, but then she instantly stepped in it by saying impeachment would be narrowly focused on the new Ukraine revelations.

Why? Because she wants to protect the new House freshmen.

Before I go any further, my dear Kossarians, liberals, socialists, Democrats, Independents, environmentalists, let it be known to all progressive souls far and wide that no matter what heinous things Trump has done to our country, no matter how critically important your issue or agenda, no matter the vital issues facing us, all irrevocably fades before the murky, dishwater agenda of getting House members re-elected. Jesus Christ.

It’s vitally important to keep a House majority, yes, but there’s no way an impeachment variable into their elections could be the sole driving factor in determining overall impeachment strategy, that’s absolutely absurd, yet that’s what’s happening. Good god, why?

These House freshmen come from competitive purple districts, there’s this amazing instant assumption in impeachment strategy that having those freshmen be proponents of impeachment is a bad risk to their re-election and thus the House majority. Lawrence Tribe said an impeachment vote would “embarrass” those freshmen. Oh my god, why is that?

Nancy Pelosi will tell you impeachment for those freshmen is “divisive,” meaning they’ll be seen as partisan bomb-throwers who hate Republicans more than they want to govern.

There are worse charges to level at a politician, but note the instant assumption by Pelosi the charge will stick, it’s absurd but she’s instantly, inherently defensive. Democrats can pass kitchen table bills and impeach the President simultaneously, not difficult, but it’s instantly assumed they cannot. Why, dear Lord in the heavens, is that?

Over many years Pelosi has seen what the Republicans and their rabid media cohorts have done to Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, vicious personal attacks that had no basis in fact yet brought them down. Truth or fairness means nothing to these souls of hatred, there’s no way to rhetorically counter them.

To impeach is raise the filthy rabid ire of the Republican base and face the onslaught of lying, distortions and taunting, all in an environment that’s rigged. When all is said and done, all the layers peeled back, that’s the true motivating factor in Pelosi’s hesitation, 20 years of watching Democrats ruthlessly speared in a political and media environment that’s rigged, one cannot win so don’t try.

That’s why we get this beyond-absurd toe-in-the-water approach for narrow Ukraine impeachment. Impeach the President, but just a little bit, now, don’t make any trouble.

May the stars of the universe save us. Narrow impeachment smacks of a weak half-assed assessment, a gross disregard to other Trump crimes, a sense of rush, and is a huge tactical mistake ignoring the powerful pattern of Trump crimes elsewhere. It’s such a dumb thing to do at least I’m confident it will go nowhere, of course Trump will impeached on at least 5 counts: cheating election 2016, obstruction of justice, paying off a porn star, attacking the 1st amendment and Ukraine.

When and how that actually happens is anybody’s guess, and I fervently hope the screaming absurdity that somehow this is a risk to House freshmen is finally forgotten. What worries me is the inherent, baked-in fear and tentativeness of House leadership, given what happened to Gore, Kerry and Clinton it’s understandable but still a huge obstacle to successful Trump impeachment.

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