Wednesday :: Oct 2, 2019

That Stiffening Media Spine

by paradox

Monday on the Lehrer Newshour journalist Amy Walter, right at the end of her Politics Monday segment with Tamara Keith, expressed a small dismay that Secretary of State Pompeo had been introduced into the explosive Ukraine scandal.

The segment ended just then without her explaining why, but it was obvious the Pompeo addition destroyed the blissful simplicity of the Ukraine scandal as it was initially presented, Walter didn’t like the element of complexity for the Democrats.

Why is that? Because Democrats have a reputation as choke masters, unable to piece together the most basic political elements for success, always viciously squabbling among themselves with a total inability to cleanly coalesce around policy goals. Complexity would naturally introduce expected Democratic failure.

Many elements of Democratic Party leadership and constituency completely bought into this precept with the pitiful timidity and contemptuous approach of narrow impeachment for Trump, meaning there will be only one impeachment article, Ukraine.

It’s simple, clean, direct and potentially fast, it really can be done, just focus on Ukraine and all this awful complexity, uncertainty and need for fighting bravery in introducing other articles can just be forgotten about.

Elizabeth Drew at the New York Times (via Hullabaloo) wrote the Democratic leadership was and is “spooked” about the Mueller report outcome. First the Attorney General censored it, Speaker Pelosi angrily stating they’d get a clean copy. They didn’t, and still don’t.

Then the Attorney General brazenly lied about basic conclusions to any media outlet that would listen while delaying the release. The American media completely bought into the initial lie and the Democratic leadership was totally unable to counter with the easy basic truth, Russian conspiracy could not be proven and the President couldn’t be charged with other crimes. He obviously committed obstruction of justice, Congress has to charge him for that.

Democrats are embarrassed at how the Mueller report got away from them for any kind of political success, spooked, if you will. The political and moral implications of ignoring it mean apparently nothing to them, they’re just scared.

[opens hands] I am a proud liberal and member of the Democratic Party all my life, I like our people and principles. I don’t at all buy into the meme Democrats are clunky political amateurs, what about the House in 2018? What about the popular vote victories of Gore and Clinton?

I will not, of course, sit here and gloss over obvious Party leadership issues, especially when they mistakes with the Republic on the line, that’s what Republicans do.

Aggrieved and petulant Democrats can also take solace that although I have the gall and temerity to point out obvious failures in leadership, I forgive them and give them a lot of leeway because they try to politically exist in the awful, harping, stupidly vicious American media environment, it would warp and distort any political leadership.

The Mueller report would get away from anyone from a media that instantly broadcast all the conclusion lies without actually reading the report to confirm it (hey we trusted Barr, dude!) and then just sat there with the censored version.

American guardians of truth offended by Soviet-style censorship? Heh, no, sneer at Nancy Pelosi for not countering it.

I could write 30,000 words at how useless and disgraceful American political media is, it’s completely unnecessary, after Hillary’s Emails those clown journalists will never obviate their well-earned reputation as dangerous idiots who couldn’t write the truth if it bit them in the ass.

A few of them at least admit to it, one is Margaret Sullivan at the Washington Post, who states that at last a media “spine” is appearing, but it needs “stiffening.”

What she means is that American political media has been grossly dysfunctional and unprofessional, but there are signs of competency and reverence for truth nonetheless. With these signs of an improving media environment Democrats should take heart and impeach Trump for many of his multiple heinous crimes.

I’m afraid to inform Ms Sullivan that these tiny blinks of competence in the choking, reeking darkness of American journalism arrive far too late, its reputation of stupid, vapid failure is completely baked in. Perhaps with 20 years of sterling performance American journalism could get its reputation back and be trusted again.

To the Democratic leadership I would say I completely understand the fear and hesitation, but a rigged media environment is still not an excuse for the awful failure of narrow impeachment. It excuses many other heinous crimes, it offends patriots, it projects weakness, and passes up shining golden political opportunities in tactics and media agenda.

As Hunter at Daily Kos said, any other excuses for narrow impeachment are just, you know, Reasons. Completely transparent ploys and rationalizations for bad political failure, please don’t choose that path.

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