Saturday :: Oct 5, 2019

5 Articles of Impeachment is Not An Expression of Liberal Rage

by paradox

I’ve noticed from more than a few political writers a time of reticence, an expression of contrition, and a mood of grateful error is called for upon those who sneered at Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous line that Trump was “self-impeaching.” The Grand House Speaker Madame has got this, dude, she saw the future and now we’re golden. Right?

Please. No, I never took the line literally and thought Pelosi envisioned Trump generating impeachment article documents from one of his whirlwind word salad lies at a press conference.

Unpacking further, the line must have meant that at some point in the future Trump will do something so perfectly criminal in such a perfect way that impeachment will then become viable.

Trump had already performed perfectly viable impeachable acts right out in the open, despite being completely outplayed by Republicans Pelosi could have seen the Mueller report is as neat and tidy as the Ukraine “transcript.” Ten counts of obstruction of justice, just for starters, I still don’t understand how that didn’t make impeachment inevitable.

Add on campaign finance violation for paying off a porn star, cheating election 2016, corruptly raking in millions in violation of the emoluments clause and attacking the 1st amendment, my God, impeachment viability becomes a towering avalanche of viability, yet Pelosi refused to budge. That was a serious tactical mistake with the Republic on the line and I haven’t forgotten.

Then Ukraine blew up 2 weeks ago and I vividly remember voices groaning about what excuse Pelosi would come up to ignore it. Finally even Pelosi could not ignore yet another Trump dump on the constitution and actually pulled the impeachment trigger.

Trump was just being Trump, he’s a career criminal and he commits a new impeachable crime every quarter. Just because Ukraine was the perfect impeachment crime, so fresh and new, so beautifully documented, so childishly simple and so wondrously handed over on a silver platter does not in any way diminish the viability of previous impeachment crimes.

As stated earlier, any admiration and gratitude for Pelosi in having the skill in knowing Trump would eventually be the perfect impeachable criminal vanished when she stated impeachment would be narrowly scoped to Ukraine.

Let me tell you, Speaker Pelosi, if the district attorney of Santa Clara county came across the file of any little person here who committed larceny, bribery, kidnapping and attempted murder and then only charged them for one crime that DA would be fired. Narrow impeachment is a moral affront and a really sick disregard for the rule of law.

Narrow impeachment is also an expression of weakness and a laughable tactical mistake. It’s ludicrous to think Pelosi and her team cannot assign to committee major impeachment Articles and get 5 approved articles in 90 days, why is that so hard? All the evidence was not so stupidly and quickly handed over by Trump, no, but it’s still all right there.

In that 90 days Democrats control the media agenda and meticulously, calmly outline whatever Big 5 are chosen for the final articles and put Trump’s crimes on the nightly news every day. We all know very well our sniveling corporate media has never done that.

Look at what just 2 weeks of it has done to Trump with Ukraine. It was and is always my impeachment position that this absurd projection of Senate rejection was ridiculous, just the House impeachment process could smash Trump and likely exit him in some fashion.

Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post says expanded impeachment is a vehicle for rage expression, it means Pelosi has succumbed to the Angry Leftists, Pelosi and her people are calm souls never to be troubled with the passions of extremes.

[sigh] What a crock. Morality and respect for the rule of law are expressions of rage? Passion for justice and the truth are expressions of psychosis? Total dismay at the weak sick disregard for principles that have upheld the Republic since founding, this is somehow a bad thing to be avoided? Wow.

Congratulations, Speaker Pelosi, I deemed impeachment timing perfect at January 15th, you stated Trump would “self-impeach” with better timing and it happened September 20th. Now things are perfectly aligned in any possible dimension for impeachment, thank you for your fortuitous insight and impeccable timing, my contrition at your political mastery compared to my puny intellect is as vast as the universe. Oh yes.

Continue on the weak, fearful, dumb path of narrow impeachment and I will continue to say so. Half-measures don’t work with the Republic on the line.

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