Thursday :: Oct 10, 2019

Truth of Election 2016 Smothered in Plain Sight

by paradox

Certainly the most frightening and precisely parallel behavior of Donald Trump to German fascism--among them militarism, minority scapegoating, and exploitive crony corporatism—is the flagrant lying and comical fantasies to obtain a complete, fanatic loyalty lock from the lowest common denominator of the electorate.

What in the holy heavens is going on here? Why does the constant lying work, why is it so crucial to lock in that lowest denominator, and how to holy god do we smash through it in the present to know crucial truths so the democracy can survive?

Think the stakes of very survival are hyperbole? Election 2016 was cheated and thrown, a Russian asset is President and is frantically doing whatever he can to obscure the truth to 2016 and cheat 2020. His depth of lying and fascism is limitless, he recently published a happy campaign button of Trump 2024.

To step back, why and what power does lowest common denominator have, why is it so crucial to lock it in place for fascism to work? At SJSU we were taught the German recipe used the oldest human tactic in the world, fear. In 1933 it was fear of violence, go along with the Nazis or get badly beaten and maimed by roving deplorable brownshirts.

In 2019 it’s a fear pincer on the on the established Republican Party, go along with Trump or endure the fanatic angry hordes of the Republican base, they’ll primary you and dump you for some reactionary quack, along with fierce relentless shaming on Fox News and conservative social media.

Incredibly, the constant lying to the base works because their own goals of racism, authoritarianism and sexism are ugly and hurtful, cloaking them in hazy untruth is a desirable state. There is no consequence to all the lying, just fling the untruth on a web page and no relationship is smashed, no job lost, no fine or prison imposed, just a cruel lazy laugh at the suckers adhering to the truth turning purple.

Amazingly, the perpetrators Hitler and Trump didn’t and don’t give a damn about being total obvious liars, to them the only objective is power, as long as it is attained and kept it’s completely irrelevant what methods were used.

Even criminal methods, why not? Lie about them and hide them, it’ll work. Right?

It certainly did work in 2016, Trump plainly committed crimes with the Russians to cheat the election and then committed obstruction of justice numerous times trying to hide it. Then he got away with it, he still does.

That is a plain easy truth right there in the Mueller report as obvious as the sunrise, yet that is not accepted fact among the American media or public. How on earth did that happen?

I have a lot of respect for Daily Kos member Black Max, he’s exhaustively studied the Mueller report and says Mueller created incredible contortions of legal rationalizations that might excuse Trump’s crimes. Then Mueller totally punted on judging obstruction of justice, it was up to Congress to plainly say so.

With Trump and his House quack minions instantly ready to lie about anything—along with the nauseating American media mechanism of presenting both sides without any guide to truth—Black Max is sure the truth of the Mueller report will be totally obviated, it won’t be accepted and Trump will walk in an impeachment proceeding.

A horrible confirmation of this occurred when Mueller testified before Congress, Trump was not exonerated of crimes and he could not prosecute because of a putridly lame 70’s DOJ memo. As Amanda Marcotte of Salon noted the amazingly awful American journalism corps blithely ignored all of it, Mueller was a dud failure because he didn’t slay Trump in some grand drama.

Our practically useless Clinton Cash journalism corps is so far gone from adhering to the truth and been lied to so many times they couldn’t even report the facts of what Mueller said. Given the nauseating American media will be constantly lied to in an election 2016 impeachment article it’s just hopeless to pursue it, given what we know that has to be a good valid political tactic to abandon it.

The Hitler and Trump assault on the truth has worked beyond the base to destroy any truth mechanism for the entire country, in other words.

I refuse to accept that, impeach Trump in Article II for committing crimes to cheat election 2016 and obstruction of justice to cover it up. If we can’t fight for the truth and the very foundations of Democracy we are forever lost, we won’t be able to adapt and change to anything.

Even if all is lost, we cannot be shown to be stewards of the truth and democracy and given our time failed to fight for it. In many ways that will mean Trump has already won and wrecked the democracy.

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