Saturday :: Oct 12, 2019

The Democrats Must Be the Adults Again

by paradox

Given what we know of potential Democratic Party candidates and the disintegrating Trump administration it isn’t a stretch at all to state that Elizabeth Warren will be President in January 2021. Nor is it by any means impossible Democrats will gain the Senate and retain the House, oh my god, the whole enchilada with jack cheese and green verde sauce, what a deliverance.

The American populace will have so soundly rejected a lying, autocratic, racist, misogynist and economically stupid Republican political Party. Shocking, isn’t it?

We’re not there yet, of course, but if we do hopefully it will be smashed home to the alleged moderates in the Republican party and American journalism corps how radical the Republican Party has become, how grossly anti-American they are in their various repressions and rank dishonesty. As we know right now too many “centrist” journalists are totally lost in the past, the Republican Party that cares about the country, earth and our constitution is long gone.

We all know too the vociferous Republican screeching of the last 30 years that the lamestream media is in the pocket of the evil liberals has contorted our unfortunate corporate journalism cousins into sorry Clinton cash squirrels of furtive regression, unable to hold Republicans accountable yet not-surprisingly holding Democrats to a much higher standard of accountability.

Now that impeachment of that lying career criminal dullard is here we see this in the constant centrist clucking how best of the best Democrats must be in their approach, how they must be measured but not drawn-out, to be peerlessly honest and fair, to be the total guardians in all that is best of the American experience.

Democrats, meanwhile, are on firm constitutional ground but are being politically unwise. They should ensure that this impeachment inquiry looks and is fair. They should follow the precedents laid down during the last two impeachment investigations…

[sigh] To put it out there, I wish I could be paid handsomely at a renowned journalism shop to barf out such intellectual and English language trash. If the stance is firm, how could it be unwise? The last impeachment was a Republican clown show that disgraced all of us, anyone knows not to follow any precedent there.

Anyway, if Democrats take control in 2021 the most maddening example of the double standard of accepting Republican regression yet demanding Democratic competence will be the deficit. It cannot be, it has to be impossible, yet as surely as the stars twinkle when Elizabeth Warren is President Republicans will start screeching madly about the deficit.

They couldn’t, but they will, they are shameless and their contempt for the truth and the American people is a dark abyss of bottomless evil.

That’s bad enough, yes, but the worst part will be the blithe acceptance of the charge from our Clinton Cash American journalism corps, who will incredibly pass on the dire warnings with zero history to the screaming hypocrisy, absurdity and economic stupidity of it all.

Like Digby says, if you’re a drinking sort of person and hear a Republican warn about the deficit it’s one of those before-noon days.

Planning, preparation and contingency options are a good adult approach to life. Right? Please, leadership of the Democratic Party, start planning real talking points and a cogent media strategy to smash apart this future deficit insanity in 2021, the pathetic American journalism corps will not do it and it’s vital for the American future and mental health of the populace.

With all due respect and humility a human being can muster, seriously. When the Democratic Party assumes rightful national leadership of course the media will demand immediate competence, and my best wishes abound for the incredible mountain of work ahead of us.

As Gavin Newsome of California is finding out, energy will dominate almost everything we have extra time for, oh my god zero emissions by 2030! Just in my little house I have to replace the cars, stove, furnace and water heater, plus install solar panels and a wind turbine. Take on and succeed with that policy challenge and you will be heroes of the Republic forever.

Our labor and work environment is a reeking disaster of injury, exploitation, immobility and inequality.

Chucking our reliance on fossil fuels will thankfully spur a complete overhaul of American foreign policy and a total assurance to our allies we are an honest functioning Democracy.

Our immigration law and capability needs a total re-work and infusion of resources.

Health care is sorry disaster that still needs huge re-work and attention.

We’re still a hopelessly militaristic society squandering our future on $10 billion dollar aircraft carriers.

Reproductive rights and availability to birth control must be re-established.

We desperately need huge infrastructure investments.

No it isn’t fair, but we as a Party will have to demonstrate good government is vital for the future of the Republic. Perhaps our Clinton Cash journalism corps will notice, but it’s doubtful, they can’t even see their own vital place in a healthy Republic.

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