Thursday :: Oct 17, 2019

Moscow Mitch Sets the Impeachment Calendar

by paradox

I’m positive Speaker Pelosi and the entire Democratic House caucus were instantly, immensely grateful to have Moscow Mitch McConnell-- gross liar and filthy enabler to modern American fascism—so blithely set the impeachment calendar and happily declare all will be over by Thanksgiving.

[rolls eyes] Republicans are shameless, hypocritical manipulators, of course Moscow Mitch will want it all over as quickly as possible so his exposure to kissing the Trump ass of fascism will somehow be less glaring. Even then Republicans will shout such speed is a rush to judgment, anything else and Speaker Pelosi will be dragging things out. Republicans can be so trusted with valid judgments on the upcoming impeachment process, yes.

Before going further it’s important to note how depressing and alarming this all is, the upcoming removal of Trump and the sickening implosion of the Republican Party isn’t a case for glee at all, nor is it some slaking of liberal angry thirst. Catastrophic, horrifying damage has been done to almost every branch of the US government, the world looks on in amazed dismay, and domestic issues of screaming urgency just rot in the fetid felon filth of Trump’s rotted psyche.

Liberals and Democrats are certainly not having a good fun time with all this, oh my god no. Right now there’s a desperate wish the United States government performs with truth, honor and functionality with as few humans being killed and hurt as we get rid of Trump, and a fervent hope we can rebuild the democracy again in 2021.

Another thing, I don’t use the word fascism lightly. My father was a history teacher, I’ve been studying United States and world history since on his knee at age five. By ten I was a total media junkie with ink-stained hands and I got an excellent, personal political science education at SJSU.

Words cannot express my total horrified dismay to see Trump fit the definition of German 1930’s fascism so closely, to see and hear these filthy lies shouted all day that could only lead to some terrible end that will leave an indelible stain of evil on the history of the United States, and oh my god enough has already happened for this to be so.

I rarely possess the arrogance to speak for others, but for once I can say with sure humility that no liberal or Democrat is having fun or a good time with this process, no. Disgusting centrist clucking about the “rage” of it all ridiculously mis-assigns the hurt and the horror to some personal shortcoming, my god, no, we grieve for a democracy lost, we loudly demand better, and we will not quietly sit by as the country and little people are smashed to hell.

We’re real Americans, in other words. Get upset about the country being run by a lying criminal fascist and enabling Republican Party goons? Shocking, isn’t it?

Now then. The United Stated journalism corps blithely passed on Moscow Mitch’s impeachment schedule as this was an obvious fact as sunshine, of course it’s as useless announcement from any lying yapping Republican as their views on taxation or racism. Speaker Pelosi sets the impeachment schedule with her caucus, no one else, and only her comment and views matter.

Right now Democrats are in inquiry phase and it if takes four weeks before impeachment starts oh well. Right now scope is naturally in flux, its been my vociferous view that scope and time phase should be as great and long as possible, but it seems increasingly not to matter with each passing day, Trump is smashing himself to oblivion each day and could very well be gone by Christmas.

Seriously, he is walking, talking mental basket case, the denial of it can be shrugged off no longer. In any other organization long ago sane adults would have walked him out. Not to polish my fingernails, seriously, but it was always my view Trump could not survive formal impeachment, the official daily list of felonies and treachery would, one way or another, get rid of him.

Look at where we are in just week two of inquiry, Trump is a ranting, enraged (funny how patriotic liberals get that label, isn’t it?), pathetic mental case, a complete traitor and total liar, somehow this simply cannot hold and in something totally foreseen will torpedo Trump out of office.

That day, too, will not be a cause for glee or celebration. There will still be such a long way to go to get a real country back for the little people again.

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