Monday :: Oct 21, 2019

You Can Resign Any Hour Now, Mick Mulvaney

by paradox

There have been many terrible public performances in the White House press briefing room of mendacity and arrogance—Ari Fleischer and Sarah Sanders come to mind—but never one more awful in scope of crime, gross dishonesty, and manifest contempt for the American people than the disgusting splat of fascism Mick Mulvaney inflicted upon us all last Thursday.

Beginning of it all was the root of an awful crime Americans have never seen before, an astounding extortion of a foreign government to cheat the next election. Plainly caught, the country had undergone weeks of gaslighting from the President that no, no, really, the extortion quid pro quo is right there in the favor asked but it’s not, that’s not what it is. It isn’t!

So Mick Mulvaney shocks everyone with the plain truth, of course it’s extortion. Pressed multiple times from incredulous reporters that extortion for cheating an election is what happened, Mulvaney just brazenly states felony behavior from the President is the way fascism works, we’re doing it, get over it.

I haven’t gotten over Bush vs Gore, Mr. Mulvaney, I’m afraid your dictum to ignore the horrors of fascism inflicted upon America fell on deaf ears.

Then this surreal pivot to another crime so slimy in scope it’s simply hard to believe, the Trump Doral resort to host the next G-7 meeting.

Many readers likely think the word fascism used here to be exaggeration, again, it is not used lightly, a lifetime of learning history and political science backs it up. Crony capitalism is an absolute hallmark of fascism, the criminal leadership of course doesn’t give a damn about the health of the economy, it’s there to be looted and plundered whenever possible.

The little people are out here with an average household income of approximately $55,000 annually, we do all right, but Trump has a salary of $450,000 and is set for life (or should be) yet Americans have to watch and feel sickened every day as this criminal President and his family sluice off millions of seedy greedy money all the time. Absolutely disgusting and a gross affront to every American putting in an honest eight today.

After the uproar and vicious fusillades of criticism from all quarters the outrageous Doral G-7 felony has been walked back in the usual whimpering whining about those brutal Democrats. But trying to patch up the total disaster on Fox News yesterday Mulvaney performed what should be a codified crime but unfortunately isn’t, gaslighting.

Chris Wallace gamely tried to play the tape of total empirical truth twice, but our darling fascist Mulvaney adamantly played out the gaslighting script (total disregard for the truth is another hallmark of fascism) completely, insisting with a straight face multiple times that no, had hadn’t admitted the truth to Trump’s extortion.

The fascist criminals he works for hated the mistake and threw Mulvaney under the bus so hard it bent the rims. Take it anyway and gaslight what happened. It was another surreal moment from a twisted, bent fascist lying soul who never, ever should be allowed to disgrace and hurt this country another moment.

You can resign any hour, Mr. Mulvaney, meaning today. Now. The unimaginable scope of two terrible crimes committed by the President and his awful enablers like you. The sickening dishonesty in claiming Doral wouldn’t benefit from the G-7. The unbelievable arrogance in telling honest little people Americans to shove it and get over the United States of America being overtaken by fascists.

Then to top it all off the rank gaslighting yesterday, it can be such a trial to inwardly confirm your senses work and that this lying felon has the unbelievable arrogance to change reality to his whims.

My reaction to you, Mr. Mulvaney, and to every cogent honest American, is precisely like that of John Belushi in Animal House when he sees the slide picture of Flounder during the pledge drive. Aaaarrrrgh!!

If that doesn’t penetrate your putrid brain of lying fascism, Mr. Mulvaney, try this: go take a walk to Arlington cemetery, spend an hour striding among the graves and souls of real Americans who sacrificed everything so our little people could have a chance at freedom, democracy and happiness.

You, Mr. Mulvaney, and the criminals you work for, have despoiled their sacrifice and honor in such slimy horrible galactic scope the ground will ripple underneath your feet from all the frantic turning.

The lying criminal you work will not finish his term, but your time of inflicting incredible harm on the country is over. Today, resign any hour now, Mick Mulvaney.

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