Wednesday :: Oct 23, 2019

Omg, Oprah is Now Our Electability Barometer

by paradox

It’s been a very tough last few days for liberals and Democrats in the United States, first was the manifestly tragic reports that of course the tectonic Hillary email story of 2016 was in fact nothing, and it didn’t help that most outlets—though not all—did a terrible job of owning up to it.

Then the absolutely damning testimony of Bill Taylor yesterday, it’s so smoking it makes Mt. St. Helen’s 1980 look like a campfire. Just manifestly terrible news, the President of the United States a plain obvious extortionist crook with unimaginably huge scope in crime, our national security in the tank for Putin by clownish lying criminals. We used to be a great country, you know?

Again, terrible news like this doesn’t make liberals and Democrats happy, in fact, its days like the last two that prompt these very important questions: have you taken your pill? Have you gone to the gym? Because if I haven’t I am not taking in American politics today, it’s a serious thing, really, I truly have to guard my psyche when taking in all this.

Not ashamed to say it, there are millions like me, the “election” of Trump has been a serious psychological hammerblow that has caused real mental adjustments. I got off Facebook and Twitter, the constant barrage of terrible news just made me shut if off. Amanda Marcotte of Salon interviewed Andrew Marantz and he warned about letting the trolls take over the Internet, it’s one of the reasons I still show up.

Take your pill and go to the gym and then oh my god knock back three aspirin with your coffee, here’s Oprah at the Washington Post with the news our 2020 candidates for President are causing anxiety because they lack “excitement.”

Look, Ms Winfrey, am I a life master? Heh. I am the tiniest of persons who will never match a fraction of your accomplishments, just stick to television, ma’am, you’re lost in space when it comes to politics.

Oprah would like the CEO of Disney to run. For the love of god, how many times do we have to put this absurd fantasy to rest? Running Disney is not the same as running the US government, not even remotely close! This guy has no experience and no clue to passing legislation, he knows it, he won’t run.

Need we look to the current master of business CEO acumen Donald Trump to see how this can work out?

I suspect, but naturally do not know, is that what Oprah sees lacking in our candidates in “excitement” she misses in the vastly huge telegenic qualities of Barack Obama: handsome, tall, fit, articulate, good voice, beautiful family, a made-for American politician in our sorry, shallow age of television.

As adults we should know those qualities are relatively rare in the general population, and even more rare among politicians, what we’re looking for in a President is an honest, experienced politician of liberal principles, whatever flavor that may be. Of course it’s a bonus if our candidate is telegenic but not necessary.

My political junkie brain actually does get excited about producing 20 million electric cars in 2025 and locking in Social Security stability while all our kids get fed, oh yeah. To put it out there.

Of course the Washington Post never defined “excitement,” but even more maddeningly—but typically—never even defined liberalism, Warren and Sanders don’t make the cut because they’re “too liberal.”

[sigh] Three more aspirin, please.

Cenk Uygur and the Young Turks, remember him? Last August he wrote a good piece on the coming wave of American liberalism, very likely they’ll be a huge majority soon and thankfully these stupid, maddening, blinkered lousy DC journalism sentences like “too liberal” will just wash away in the upcoming tides of empiricism, rationality and policy that actually works for little people Americans.

The Washington Post will be busy writing about federally mandated firearm training for all cops, electric car styles, why that daycare policy comes short, expanding social security benefits, and all that whining from still-millionaires about paying taxes, god that’s what little people do.

Our insane level of Defense spending will inexorably contract, sorry, liberals have to fight disease, hunger, poor education and build out an infrastructure, that $10 billion aircraft carrier just won’t work for any of it. In all of this glory of truth, accomplishment and justice the Washington Post will just forget about blithely judging it all as “too liberal,” there will too many good stories of happy progress to write about.

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