Thursday :: Oct 31, 2019

A February Mike Pence Presidency is a Lot of Drama

by paradox

“How much drama can the American people handle?” Speaker Pelosi rhetorically asked yesterday, throwing cold water on the idea of an emolument impeachment article.

Quite a bit, actually, 70 years of television and Days of our Lives hasn’t made the populace immune to the state of mind. Should the impeachment process bring down President Trump—a totally feasible possibility in many scenarios the next 90 days—we the people will truly watch Mike Pence be sworn in as President of the United States. Yes.

Okay he’s up to his neck in it. His deal is to appoint a caretaker vice president, then Pence resigns and the caretaker guards the office until the Democratic victory in November. Heh, the other scenario is both Trump and Pence are gone with Speaker Pelosi becoming President.

Speaker Pelosi is a serious, astute guardian of American Democracy and the Republic, she would never choose that path, the opposition party simply cannot take on the responsibility of the Executive branch without an empirical backup of the will of the people in a vote.

Still that’s a serious drama dose, but of course the little people would watch and move along with the best we have. I know what she meant, of course, Speaker Pelosi is trying to strike a balance, a nuance of restraint and calm decorum as the Democrats write up the indictment for the worst criminal President the Unites States has ever had.

Time is also a factor, as a serious guardian of the Democracy Speaker Pelosi knows full well 5 articles of worthy impeachment could take 6 months to properly execute, it just can’t happen, Election 2020 must be given as much time free of the impeachment to keep its legitimacy intact.

It’s been my position at least 3 articles are easily accomplished by February 1st but for now I’ll have to accept 1, Ukraine. I do accept it and support my Speaker, there simply is no way to know the Exact Proper Way to move forward with this, at least we’re moving forward. To implement only Ukraine is a mistake, okay, a lot of mistakes are lived with every day.

Cue the obligatory paragraph about how the Republicans would have gone berserk had a Democrat done a tenth of the criminal acts Trump has performed, so here it is, they would have written up every single offense as an impeachment article until July.

Our dear journalism cousins, guardians of truth, they blew the Iraq war story, they completely muffed the deficit issue under Obama, they will never live down what they did to Hillary Clinton, they’ve fallen flat on their face with the Election 2016 Trump Russian crimes issue, and of course they’ve completely missed the radicalization of the Republican Party story.

Republicans can blow up the deficit, accomplish nothing and be absolute disgusting fascist suckups to the soon-to-be-impeached criminal, it’s all good. Democrats, on the other hand, have to be restrained, balanced legislators of the finest American tradition, they have to pay for their proposals or by god Fox News and the House weirdos will go rampant on their ass.

The hypocrisy and double standard is a serious trial to watch every day in what’s supposed to be a mature Democracy. American journalists wonder why I’m so hard on them, heh, trying living with this mind-bender every morning and get back to me.

Watching the current process unfold with what I have to live with every morning is nothing what the radical Republican attack dogs have to done to Adam Schiff, I truly am so very sorry, sir. I will not forget your bravery and forbearance, sir, in the face of all this lying braying filth over terrible treachery to the Democracy you have been honest, steadfast and a great American, thank you.

In the meantime I will accept and follow what Speaker Pelosi decides is best for impeachment articles, I am the tiniest of persons, it isn’t up to me, I’ve said my piece and need to be a good Democrat in these terrible, crazy times.

My dear Republican cousins, I so rarely speak to you here, but today I will say this: this is not a game or a media play or a yuck-up to stick it to the libs, there is no escape anywhere to the total fact the President is a rank, lying criminal who’s about to be impeached, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Nothing.

You can either throw him out of office or completely own the lying, treachery and felonies with him, that will be forever you as you try to walk forward in the Republic every day. Good luck with that.

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